This Morning


Flash (cropped) by kandyjaxx [cc]

This is what occurred this morning during registration between me and a child that I was not expecting to appear as I thought she was still excluded. Whilst talking to one of the other girls in my form she had loudly exclaimed “I don’t give a shit!” mid-conversation when sat a mere metre or so away from me…
“Excuse me _____, you don’t use language like that in the classroom.”
“Oh well, you live and learn don’tcha.”
“No _____, you don’t live and learn. You should not be using language like that. It is completely inappropriate.”
“Well I wasn’t talking to *you* was I?”
“Language like that is inappropriate within the classroom, no matter who you’re talking to. You should not be using it.”
“Well *you* shouldn’t be listening to my conversation, should you?”
“You are rather loud _____, and so it is pretty easy to hear.”
“What, are you saying i’m mouthy?”
“No… That is *not* what i’m saying.”
“You saying i’m mouthy, that i’m mean and horrible to people like you been saying?”
“No. That is not what i’m saying. Right, I think you should go over to Student Support. I don’t think you should be here any more.”
I spent forty-five minutes following this up emailing the relevant people and entering everything onto the system. I spent a further fifteen minutes walking around the school grounds to check whether _____ had indeed done as i’d said and gone to Student Support (nope) and then trying to find one of the Assistant Deputies who is “responsible” for this pupil’s continued “education” at this school.

The Deputy said she’d “speak to her” about her behaviour.

I spent the rest of the day alternating between feelings of anger, sadness and upset; the reaction of Senior Management has actually made me feel worse about the incident than the girl herself did.


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