A guy i’ve been in “conversation” with on MySingleFriend wants to meet me for a drink. AK.

He’s nice and tall and appears more than capable of throwing me over his shoulder and running at very high speed away from danger. This of course in not *quite* what is needed for a successful relationship but hey, it’s a start and an improvement from a lot of what i’ve seen so far.

He’s a bit eager for my liking so i’ve put the kibosh in his plans by asking him to slow down a little. Since he raised the idea of meeting i’ve been slightly panicked – What’s the worst that can happen everyone says… That he could like me and I don’t like him I think. I’ve been questioning whether i’m ready to meet new people, whether or not i’ll give them a chance when i’m still working on getting over years of MW#1.

Anyway, in all probability i’ve put him off now. I wonder whether this will be par for the course generally – I need to take things super-slowly (thanks for damaging me for years to come Monster and MW#1!) and I don’t think many men will want to put the time and effort in.


I do want to meet for a drink, just not quite yet. I dunno…

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