A typical Sunday was passed today:

Rising late, breakfast of Choco Crispies and a cup of coffee post-midday then the usual reads on the internet. Many reads of the New York Times about the Times Square device. Watched the latest episodes of Wallander and Ashes To Ashes. Lunch of fried egg muffins and a Mini-Babybel. Then on to a perusal of my finances and planning for the upcoming renewal of my passport and MR T’s car tax. Sigh.

Multiple layers of mismatched clothes were thrown on – tracksuit bottoms, boob tube sundress, dressing gown. A quick clean of the bathroom before moving on to the washing up that was piling up. Test of Bar Keepers Friend on the shower door. Another experiment with lemon muffins – I think the bottom shelf of the oven might yield better results next time – before marinated lamb steaks and salad with grilled mini-plum tomatoes for dinner. Klute to accompany followed by a cup of herbal tea. Yes, i’m officially old.

Thought about MW#1 and felt lonesome. Wondered whether relationships are for me, whether i’ve been hurt too many times to ever let my guard down, or let my guard down in a timely manner. The ability to trust and let go. Thought of sex and intimacy and how I miss it, also wondered how many years will pass before i’ll wake up next to someone I love. Whether that will ever happen. I then spent a bit of time feeling rather sad.

A typical Sunday.

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