Being a little more padded than when I last shopped for a well-fitting bra today to pass some time I tried out some push-up numbers. I used to be all against push-up bras feeling that they deceived a little too much and would lead viewers to believe that what was barely contained within was factual. Anyway, my thoughts have changed on the subject – i.e. fuck it – and so i’ve been trying a few out for size.

Getting the correct size is proving an issue as the ones i’ve tried so far don’t contain all the breast tissue in a way i’d expect- I want everything focused up and towards the front, not falling out of the sides. What the hell is going on there, I have no idea. Anyway, I need to try a fair few more until I let the look of the previous push-up…

Skyranger The only push-up I own is a rather beautiful piece by AP – Nikita in gorgeous green satin – however although this gives me actual cleavage it is now too small and there is no way I can afford anything AP that is not in the sale (where I got my Nikita). Whilst browsing their site I came across the following astounding item: Skyranger

Yes, it’s massively expensive for what it is but look! Look at the awesome! Bright colours… Fringing… Metallics… Goodness it is trashily lovely.

I shall not be purchasing either Nikita or Skyranger but will continue my quest for a decent bra. I figure I owe it to myself to try and present myself a little better? Not that i’m suddenly going to go blonde and simpering; I guess making the most of what i’ve got? Or at least a little more…?

I think I feel this way because i’m feeling undervalued again- because I am undervalued!

It’s sex on the brain, or more specifically having needs that aren’t satisfied and haven’t been so for months. I miss having an intimate partner and all that entails – well not *all* that – the snoring and duvet-thievery I certainly do not; at the same time as I miss it I know there’s nothing to be done about it- I’m not one for one-night-stands and i’m not confident enough to date.

So i’ll just take what solace I can find in my battery-powered friends and comfort in food. Take lots of long hot showers where I linger a little longer over washing the soap suds off. Look at unaffordable unobtainables and sigh a lot. SIGH.

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