The surgery went well it seems- no puking, hitting myself or talking rubbish. I’m sore and feel very tired and a little glum as well as unwell; boob-wise things don’t look too bad, with my right breast looking less full than the other but not overly so- under the clear dressings I can see a scar of around an inch or so running around the top of the areola.

The nurses were smiley and lovely and everything was uber efficient – I was out by half twelve; Leia Ewok Village looked after me feeding me a bacon sarnie, lots of coffee and daytime television and I got lots of very kind messages of support from loads of people. Bad times, but good times… at the same time. Heh. Anyway, an early night and a long lie in tomorrow… More info to come when I feel a bit more like updating; I had an excellent conversation with the rather strapping Antipodean anaesthetist on the subject of semen. Yes, really.

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