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Yesterday was a day of much event: I got my hair cut, got the GO for holiday from MW#1 – To my favoured destination of Berlin (eeeeeeeee) – and of all things I purchased a bikini. An actual bikini I intend to wear, as opposed to a posing one (Hello American Apparel).

I am so excited about going back to Berlin- The last time I was there I had such a wonderful time. As I don’t get to do fancy very often I have spent the day browsing rather nice hotels; the one I have my eye on is particularly appealing as amongst other things it has a heat lamp in the bathroom that fills the room with intense red light when you turn it on. Oooooo red light bulbs! Sleazy! Exciting!!

The fantasy hotel I cannot afford is the Hotel Q – A rock star/design freak/dirty girl paradise. It’s got a spa with a giant sand pit to lounge around in, slate wetrooms and some rooms have a bath built into the frame of the bed- uber impractical but kind of cool. Also it has a preponderance of coloured lighting- clearly that pleases me in some idiotic way. Oooo pretty colours…

Wherever we end up booking the plan is to stay for four nights; this will provide plenty of time to wander, see the sights, eat to the point of bursting and drink many cocktails. So basically lead the good life for a while and relax. I am going to bring a big bag of earplugs just in case and am very much looking forward to spending some quality time with some manfur. Sigh.

MW#1 is not at all uncultured, however he is not into art in the way I am so I think a couple of hours in one particular gallery will be enough; maybe he can go see some tanks and bombs whilst I ponder conceptual art :D

I am overly looking forward to the breakfasts. Of course, hotel-based ones are stupidly expensive, but the idea of eating a giant breakfast filled with different cheeses, hams and sausages, breads, preserves and eggs makes me drool- I had an ohmygod amazing feast at the restaurant in the Hamburger Bahnhof. I like my food and the change from Coco Pops or porridge is going to be welcome.

It’s only in a week or so… I am really looking forward to getting away for a few days.

So other than Berlin obsessing I got my hair cut nice and short again and spent literally hours looking for a swimsuit to wear on my upcoming spa trip with Leia Ewok Village. Eventually I found one in Marks and Spencer; for “a laugh” I tried on a few bikinis at the same time, ostensibly to see just how bad I looked. My middle is not very defined and every movement jiggles my pale white stomach; nevertheless I decided to live dangerously and be brave and buy one.

The top is stripy and multicoloured and the bottoms are black and skirted with a grey and white leopard print sash. I know that’s a serious style clash but I thought they worked well together in an, “Oh look. Typical Monky-wear” sort of way. Whether or not I actually have the guts to wear said bikini I am not sure, but I figure I will be spending a lot of time in a jacuzzi so my middle will be hidden :)

I’m going to Berlin! With MW#1! In just over one week! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

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