Shadowy – Girly

As someone who enjoys the “delights” of wrestling, gets excited over science-y things, wears trousers more frequently than skirts and demands a certain quality of Ferrari to impress her, I do not consider myself much of a girly girl. However, my need to fulfil my inner information geek means that I read about what I consider to be the dark arts of makeup as I am fairly inexperienced with it and have had way too many disasters to count. Products don’t work as they say on the tin or just not on me; I am fairly fed up of money being wasted.

Needless to say, this is what I would consider an extra self-indulgent girly post.

I have oily skin and a lot of the makeup i’ve tried slides off my face after a half hour or so; i’m therefore a shiny motherfucker and am frequently embarrassed at having to wipe off a phone or camera I might have borrowed in order to remove the layer of grease deposited by myself. Niiice.

In the past I have relied on Make Up For Ever and their Aquarelle liquid colour to give myself overly bright eyes as I found it sticks to my skin fairly well and is available in a beautiful shade of metallic mallard green. This weekend after a fair bit of researching on Teh Internets I made a discovery that has had me painting all sorts of colours on my eyelids with merry abandon: Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay.

It’s basically a silicone base for the shadow to sit on that appears to soak up grease, even out the surface and provide something for the shadow to stick to; it’s a neutral shade of beige (neutral for Caucasians I guess) that you poke onto your eyelids with a fuzzy-tipped wand and then blend in using a finger. You can then get going with the eyeshadow.

Wonder of wonders after the Primer Potion went on my mint green shadow managed to stay put through several hours spent either on a very warm Tube, wandering through a very warm Lahndahn tahn and lots and lots of smiling due to MW#1-related Happy. It did not budge. I was AMAZED.

I’m a less shiny fuck due to the lightweight joys of Benefit’s Some Kinda Gorgeous (Thanks Dave) and I can just about get eyeliner to stick on, albeit with some weird creasing, thanks to Bare Escentuals Weather Everything, which is like a flexible sealant.

Of course, despite my technological fight against my greasy nature, I am still not very skilled at application- the blending, where I actually place the makeup etcetera. What sort of art teacher am I…?

Tomorrow evening i’m attending the Year 13 Leaver’s Ball and i’m planning to go all out with fascinator, wedges, prom dress and lots of over the top eye makeup. I hope they’ve got air con…

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