Tanya Gold = MLK


Daily Fail – Too fat for fashion: How Tanya Gold found size sixteen is shunned by designer brands

I know it’s the Daily Fail and so is an easy target but really: Fat = “…the Martin Luther King of retail…”

Really? Reeeeally Guardian columnist Tanya Gold? Ooh, well of course, you being a size 16 and your “battles” to find up-it’s-own-arse designer clothing that fits (that costs about as much as my rent) TOTALLY equals the struggle for racial equality. They hang fat people from trees yeah, discriminate against them in the judiciary – all those uppity fat wimmin’ – shouldn’t be allowed to ride buses with the rest of the population and are polluting the “thin” people’s DNA? Yes, OF COURSE.

Your surname’s Gold- can I take a guess that you’ve some Jewish heritage in your background, just as my distinctive surname indicates Irish extraction? Right. Well, your personal comparison to MLK is about as appropriate as comparing Amy Winehouse’s apparent eating disorder with the emaciation of Holocaust survivors you stupid indulgent prick.

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