Siege – Longing

This video is the real-world equivalent of my morning daydreams.

I daydream to comfort myself, I daydream when bored. I daydream I am somewhere far away from my shoebox, where the bedsheets are crisp and white and a ceiling fan turns the air over; I daydream I spend my afternoons wandering along the beach then taking a post-lunch nap, drifting off to the sounds of the fan and water lapping outside the window.

I am warm and happy and completely contented, because I know that there is nothing to wake me or keep me awake, no tossing and turning as the thoughts fight in my head. No worries, or alarms to be set, zero shrieking of students or banging of doors. I know I will either wake up of my own accord or be woken by the sensation of warm skin against my back and and an arm sliding underneath to roll me closer.

In these dreams I make some sort of Ewok-esque mewling noise of annoyance combined with contentment; he brushes an errant strand of my hair up off my face and says: “Hello creature… Can I tempt you out of your nest…? How about we go exploring?”

It’s the sense of longing in Siege’s video that sends me off on my reveries… That lovely High-Definition sense of being. I guess it’s also the gorgeous light, beautiful woman and the amazing house too :) I wish I could escape my shoebox and the loneliness I feel, but the only escape I will be doing this Summer lies in the fantasy lands of my head.

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