Festive Roundup

Here I will commence with a rather long and convoluted post on what I have been up to over the last couple of weeks i.e. The Festive Season. Rejoice.

A recently started tradition is that of Crap Crimbo– Where you spend under a fiver and get either a good or crap present for an unknown, hence the title. I usually aim for the crap present as I appreciate the humour more and this year I think I did rather well in finding a set of “velour” Christmas tea towels. “Velour” was a slight misnomer in that they were the most threadbare things that could be classed as “velour” as I think it is possible to see. I was proud of my efforts.

I fiiinally got to meet Bobby Convey’s Person Of Interest, MG, and I found him to be a most agreeable human being, with the additional bonus of having rather good sartorial sense. Huzzah. I had a very good evening indeed consuming rather too many mugs of Caversham Princess’s Special Brew AKA mulled wine (it is awesomely tasty); by evening’s end I was valiantly attempting to fight off four enemy combatants in an intense game of Trivial Pursuit. I lost. Gooood times.

Just before I left for The North I met up with MW#1 for an evening of eating, drinking and present giving; I tried to put (metaphorical) hairs on my chest with a Manhattan and we ate Italian food and talked about the bottom in Western art versus reality and current ideas of beauty (amongst other things)… He held my hand as we walked back to his and for the first time I felt completely comfortable doing so, in fact I didn’t want him to let go. Gah.

Present-wise I asked MW#1 for an awesome little bracelet with a teeny tiny gold skull hanging on blue cord- I am so enamoured with its cuteness I have not taken it off since. I fed his Games Workshop habit and also his Metal habit too; I finished the evening having my brain warped by Beatallica (takes a breath) – Someone singing in the style of James Hetfield covering Beatles songs in the style of Metallica but at the same time doing tracks that are sung in the style of Metallica, with lyrics by Metallica but to the tune of the Beatles… :S

MW#1 has got through to the second round for Dubai. More interviews await. SIGH.

Later in the day I managed to infiltrate myself into the UK headquarters of Microsoft (i.e. sign myself in to visit MW#1); I reported to the wrong building and spent my time inside being overly quiet and wide-eyed or conversely laughing far too much due to “I don’t belong” nerves. I earned undoubtedly increased levels of affection from him upon passing a cafe named after the SharePoint software: I questioned whether they had considered calling it after the Linux Penguin, because, you know, penguins are approachable and cuddly and this would bestow the right spirit of sharing at the cafe… Heh. Score.

The buildings were overly populated with kids, which was uber weird but festive season and all that, there were free drinks galore and security doors to catch anyone making a break for freedom. They had bad corporate art (isn’t it always) but really nice chairs. Stripy. Purple. Curvy. Nice. I got particularly excited when confronted with the canteen: A wide range of dishes – “Street Food” (presumably scraped off pavements), stir fries cooked to order, salads, steaks, sandwiches, grills, stews, desserts, stuffed vine leaves…

I was slightly bewildered by all the choice so plumped for the rather ordinary combo of grilled chicken, a big pile of French fries, an apple and a banana (and my free can of Coke). Unsurprisingly my lunch was many magnitudes better than what I get at work. If Microsoft can produce tasty food for around the same I pay at work, why the fuck are school unable to do it.

I took Mr T. Up North to spend a few days en famille where the annoyance encouraged by the presence of my Dad was tempered with my happiness at seeing my Mum and brother and many cousins, aunts and uncles. Aaand I actually got what I asked for- No hide nor hair of a Goddamned Radley bag :D

I received the pair of jeans I was after but when I tried them on they were a bit on the tight side due to my recent increase in padding; I ordered a similar style the next size up but they are too big around the waist. So I either need to slim down or eat more til I fit into the next size up. I think I shall just keep on doing what I do, which is not really caring about what I eat very much. Scientific.

As a Christmas present to myself I bought a CycloDS card for my Nintendo DS; it is alll kinds of awesome, in that now I don’t need to pay for games- All I have to do is download them and transfer them onto the card. Hooray for breaking the law. So I have got into Viva Pinata! Animal Crossing: Wild World, Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon and Nintendogs. Somewhat surprisingly for Ms. Cynic, this is the title that I have been rather awed by- I am now the proud owner of a Beagle called Bob, and he is the greatest dog ever, or that’s what I tell him as I stroke his tummy using the stylus. Hee.

I received proof that The Grand Romantic Gesture is not dead in the form of the fantastic news of Grand Homme Brum popping the question to his lovely partner- He went down on bended knee in the arrivals lounge of an airport :) Although I am cynical in nature I am still hopeful about some things and there’s a warm romantic core to my frequently abused heart; my romantic hopes are usually pissed upon by others but to hear of good things happening to good people is just great. You know it’s just, well, *awesome* and I was rather excited to hear of the couples good news. Hooray!

I went around the shops with Leia Ewok Village looking at dresses but the only things the both of us purchased were homeware-related: Duvet covers, cushions, rugs etcetera. I felt so old… We whiled away some time drinking cocktails post-shopping before taxing home where I tried out my new cover and super soft fuzzy cushion cover before drunkenly creating a cross-cultural feast in the form of naan bread, mozzarella, olives and sun-dried tomatoes (or sun-kissed as Waitrose calls them). Mmmm…

My laptop had been annoying me with its sloowness so I took it upon myself to upgrade the memory. No problem for a gal who’s done Lego, or so I thought until I broke a screwdriver trying to get a screw undone… Argh! I had The Tech Rage running wild upon me; MW#1 kindly offered the use of his arm and his tool set and the screw that I thought I had stripped in my efforts to remove it was magically undone in around five seconds. SIGH. He installed my memory and all is well, but I must say there’s not a whole lot of difference in performance, at least so far. Anyway…

After his *massive* efforts on my computer MW#1 had a cup of tea and made use of my sofa and myself to curl up and sleep (snore) upon. I felt very happy, and not because he had fixed my laptop…I just like holding him, stroking his hair, being next to his warmth. However, he then didn’t exactly earn himself brownie points by deliberately giving me a hickey of all things… I DESPAIR. Well I don’t, at least not at the moment, but I shall be wearing a scarf to work next week… God help me if a sixth former sees it… Mr Non-Committal and all that…

Now I am seeing in the New Year home alone and far away from any revellers or the cold (i’ve put the heating on); i’ve had steak and chips and a glass of cider and have felt pretty good, only tearing up a moment when listening to the majestic Barry White sing I’ll Do Anything You Want Me To. So not too bad, though I do feel a pang of sadness at not being able to mark the passing of another year by waking up next to someone I care for.

Goodbye 2008- It wasn’t a bad year, but it wasn’t exactly great (for many reasons)… Here’s to the unknown and 2009…

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