My newly beloved teeny-tiny skull bracelet I was given for Christmas by MW#1 has broken… :(

The cord being only linen it was going to happen eventually but I was a little surprised to see it last only one month… I think it’s down to me getting it wet in the shower and when cleaning the sink at work. Boo. I managed to grab it before it slid off my wrist so i’ve still got the golden skull; I am considering what to do with it- Construct a new cord or look for something more permanent. I liked the fact that it was so light and unobtrusive, so I am not sure that even the thinnest metal chain will serve similarly.

I could upgrade to metal and get a new charm and a new bracelet but that requires investment I can’t justify. Plus, the more fancy charms don’t have the same, uh, charm as the one i’ve got with its cute little hearts for eyes.

And I know that yes, I asked MW#1 for it, but my bracelet is important to me because he gave it to me. I feel the cold metal pressing against my arm and think of him, I feel it tugging on my arm in the shower and I am reminded again. It’s the first piece of jewellery i’ve managed to wear continuously and also the first piece i’ve actually wanted to wear, so it would be nice to get it fixed up. My wrist feels a bit weird without it, like it’s missing something.

Dogeared – Skulls
Stephen Einhorn – Skulls & cute Red gold Bluebird
Etsy – rockmyworldnyc – Skull Bar Bracelet

4 Responses to Broken

  1. davenotdave says:

    Nylon thread?

  2. monky says:

    Nice and strong but not very aesthetically pleasing. I decided upon some beading thread made of silk- I figure it should be strong even when wet and is soft and a nice shade of green :)

  3. davenotdave says:

    Sounds like a plan. I hope my two word comment managed to convey an awkward attempt at being there without knowing what to say rather than being a glib suggestion from an ex-art store employee. I realise it may not have done ;)

  4. monky says:

    I appreciated the comment- Honest! As a fellow art store refugee I know that you were only trying to be helpful and problem solve- which is what we spent a lot of our time trying to be, only them thar customers were too thick to take advantage :)
    I don’t get many comments that are not from spambots, so you are welcome to leave two words or more any time… and I do apologise for being lame and not commenting on your posts. You are on an RSS feed, so it’s not like I can say I don’t read your writings…
    The bracelet is a little smaller than the old one (read- I should have made it bigger) but the beading thread has worked well.