Mourning My Car Day Two

Still no sign of MR X. He is gone forever but every time I walk round the corner to my street I look to see if he has come home… :(

The bus to work thing is actually okay – Not too much hassle – All I have to do is walk for ten minutes to the bus stop then sit on the bus for twenty minutes or abouts before a five minute walk to the school site. It’s more the ability to decide to go somewhere or stop at the supermarket on the way home and stock up that sucks.

I’m getting a hire car tomorrow but it’s only for a maximum of twenty-one days- So I will be able to get to work this week without the help of the bus but then i’m off work for two weeks. After the break I will only be able to use it for a day or so before I have to give it back, so I will be able to transport myself to my place of work for a mere three days. Not exactly helpful.

I am desperate for the end of this week to come and for me to be rid of my form; I am giving them yet another DT tomorrow yet I feel bad because it is the same toerags who piss about every time, to the very great detriment of the other members of the class.


One Response to Mourning My Car Day Two

  1. Bobby Convey says:

    Oh dear god, I haven’t read your blog in a while, and had no idea “Mr X” had been taken. Buddy thieving shits. I hope you’re feeling alright about your loss. Perhaps you will find a new and even better 4-wheeled friend…