For the love of a pair of Stripper Shoes & a rub

For a good while now i’ve harboured a strange desire to own a pair of stripper shoes. You know the sort- towering platforms with deadly heels and thick, man crushing soles. Shoes to put me on a pedestal, shoes to make me appear an Amazon over the tiny men (i’d be approaching 6 foot). Hahaha. Anyway. I think this perverted desire was awakened by the following photo:

precarious princess

precarious princess in close up

Awesome. £340. Not so awesome.

Whilst window shopping with Leia Ewok Village (who is happily feeling happier) I spied the following monstrosities:


I immediately fell for these horrors and even though they were ridiculously expensive I was left feeling rather let down when I found that they didn’t have any in my size. This set me off on a hunt for a pair of stripper-esque shoes- Stripper shoes proper are about half the price of the Kurt Geiger Crackle’s shown above; although I could order online and see what happens, I think I need to take a trip into Lahndahn tahn to try a pair on.

Miss V X6

I quite like these matte black ones from the ever fabulous Stockings HQ… They are not overly scary (only 5.5 inches of heel) and are cheap enough to give away if they didn’t fit… I am rapidly approaching unemployment (another job given away before the closing date) and am trying to save for this; a pair of stupid shoes would be my one extravagance this month.

You can actually get platforms with space for tips and a slot for the coinage in the sole. How convenient. Though I imagine that if you were a popular gal it might get quite difficult to kick your legs in the air when trying to mount the pole so to speak.

Italian purple kidskin lovelies
Alternative Footwear

I think the matte black pair are the ones for me… again they’re something i’d love to wear out with some bright red lipstick, a fine pair of stockings and scarlet hair piled high with someone who can run their hand the three inches along my leg it takes to turn me on.

I miss being taken out and shown a good time, being appreciated. I’ve never been swept off my feet- although I can say I have always enjoyed the several times i’ve been slung over someone’s shoulder…

I have seen MW#1 more frequently of late- well he has seen me more than once every three months- and I feel (strangely) like I have been bonding with him. I think this is because he’s been holding me and massaging me which boosts my feelings of well being. So currently I feel happier, even though not much has changed. Mmmm… massage…

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