POTC III & Partay Box Queen


New in the gallery – Ripped

So, whilst dressed in full piratical regalia I met up with Caversham Princess, Bobby Convey, McCy, M, Leia Ewok Village and Woods, Tiger and took in Pirates 3. Once I was fully geared up I realised how much i’ve missed dressing up in my corset and assorted accoutrements. Sigh. I was pleasantly surprised by the film- it was over long, overly complex and wildly overwrought but it was much better than the previous odious effort.

Did we really need to see Orlando Bloom’s mouth on Ms Knightly’s inner thigh? NO.

Saturday meant Caversham Princess’s birthday party- Everyone looked fabulous in their 1930’s-50’s wear- Updo’s, plunging necklines and bold makeup were the order of the evening. I thought i’d done quite well on the costuming front however I changed out of my cocktail dress, corselette and stockings and into my regulation combats and hoodie after only a couple of hours as I began to play Box.

Box is an ancient game of intestinal fortitude, balance and skill. The basic premise is: A small cardboard box must be picked up off the floor using only the mouth, without anything touching the floor except the soles of the feet. After one round an inch or two of the box is chopped off so that as time passes the box shrinks in stature and picking it up gets progressively more difficult.

Although I came up against some good competition I was crowned Queen of Box or Box Queen if you would like to think of it that way. I have a short torso and am relatively flexible so getting down, balancing and then sucking up a piece of cardboard that is completely flat on the floor is almost a certainty.

Being Queen of Box basically means that I get to show off how flexible I am and how good I am at sucking and licking. This is why i’ve such a history of romantic satisfaction.

Speaking of which, my back hurts…

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