From tha Chuuuch to da Palace

The Pin Up Files

New imaginary punter lapdance track: Snoop DoggFrom tha Chuuuch to da Palace

(Lo-rider awesomeness on display in the video at three minutes)

Even though I am definitely not having a thin day I be grindin’ hard in front of the mirror… Snoo… Ooop!

I remember when me and M used to pretend we were the girls sitting on the back seat of the lo-riders from Still D.R.E. and sort of bounce ourselves up and down. In the middle of the classroom. Standing up. Golden days for sure…

Pay day means I am itching for all sorts of pointless underwear purchases. Woo. When purchasing a new printer the retiree at the till appreciated my intelligent questioning about ink capacities and told me to leave the big box at the till whilst I meandered to get extra cartridges.

Me: Thanks… You wouldn’t want to make me work now would you?
Retiree: You’ve already got a lovely figure- We wouldn’t want you to waste away to nothing now would we?

Then some freeeaaaak started beeping at me in my dirtmobile before blowing several kisses at me when I turned to look. It must be the weather. And the big sunglasses that cover my face.

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