Zombie Undercracker Insanity

Hot Zombie poledancer lick my flesh: UNDOREDOsqueezed.mov [from]

I spent a good half hour or so snorting with hi-larity over the Christmas gift edition of Style in the Sunday Times this weekend. Ridiculousness at every turn- £141,000 for a necklace or £700 for a giant crystal and gold pineapple anyone?

However, there were some lovely things to behold within, which is why I kept re-reading the bloody thing, or should I say kept staring at the pictures. Things of such improbable beauty like these Topshop undercrackers (which I shall hopefully be perusing on Wednesday) and this oak leaf ring commission by Robinson Pelham:

Em City   shiny

I don’t really have anyone to wear the beauteous undercrackers for apart from my bad self nor do I have the £1500+ for the ring nor do I really wear jewellery. Muy excellentay…

Man trouble is a most amusing guide to the reasoning behind not buying males the presents you think they’d like (but if I had the cash I would definitely buy him the Stormtrooper outfit assault on his manhood or nay), whilst The Gentleman’s guide to scanties is an excellent guide for steering those males away from buying underwear that is purely for them.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy dressing to titillate (or as best I can manage) but it’s just nice to receive a present that is designed to make you feel comfortable and give you the best chance at being teh hawt as possible, rather than spending time wandering exactly what bits of your anatomy are hanging out where. The unwrapping is the reward for the gift giver if the gift is suitable…

More lingerie fun: Anatomy of desire and After Dark

3 Responses to Zombie Undercracker Insanity

  1. Dave says:

    I would like to point out, however, that the Paul Smith domino set is WANK. What’s the point of making them from coloured transparent acrylic stuff? Everyone will know where the double six is!
    FYI my favourites were:
    page 60 number 4 – shu uemura false eyelashes
    page 76 number 14 – purple ostrich skin picadilly bag by mulberry
    page 93 number 2 – 18 carat gold star toggle necklace
    and, uh…
    page 107 number 13

  2. monky says:

    Excuse me young Dave, where did I say that the Paul Smith domino set was GOOD?
    Also, upon further investigation
    I believe that not all the dominoes are translucent. Some appear to be opaque (and not just the double six). Not that I am defending Mister Smith and his repetitive artwork/merchandise. Oh no.
    I have never had any desire to have one of those bags. Or for that matter any “trophy” hand luggage. Did you see that argyle jumper/leather chimera? HIDEOUS.
    Those eyelashes are supposed to be very good. And I will have to go and retrieve Style from the recycling bin and look at page 107…
    Is it something I could gift you? Or is it just a little out of my budget…?

  3. Dave says:

    I was merely drawing your attention to the wankery ;) not accusing! Honest…
    It is a Mr Frosty ice maker thingy :D:D:D:D