How I got to this webpage I really cannot recall. All I can say is it’s perfectly safe for work as it consists of pictures of online bingo players. Yes, it’s laughing at people. I’m a bad person.



Main Street Bingo Hall

Clips of all the James Bond title sequences and Saul Bass title sequences [via]

Still haven’t seen Casino Royale. Or sorted out the non-happenings with MW#1.

I have however been spending some quality time in the bathroom multitasking doing the twist and grinding whilst outfitted with Zen, pants and vest to Everlast (Black Jesus), Ludacris (LFSGGW) and Kelis (Bossy).

I have also been sliding about to Sinatra and Julie London. Her version of “Ev’ry Time I Say Goodbye” is a song I want to slow dance to under a softly spinning ceiling fan in Hawai’i; “Go Slow” what I want to listen to as I’m swept through the dark in my lover’s automobile. Sigh.

As I write this I am drinking a tequila sunrise made from jose cuervo, orange juice and grapefruit squash. Klassy.

“Sex junkie looking for a dealer/You can play the leper girl and I can play the healer”

3 Responses to Bingo!

  1. Bobby Convey says:

    Ha ha ha I am also a bad person!

  2. choc chip says:

    mwah ha ha ha, am waiting in glasgow airport anf stupid plane is delayed so laughing at online bingo players is very cathartic although other people in waiting room probably think i’m a loonie

  3. Dave says:

    Sainsbury’s do cartons of still lemonade which is wonderful.
    That’s nothing to do with anything but I’m keeping you IN THE KNOW.