So turning 26 was not overly eventful but was a good day nonetheless. I got to see all my nearest and dearest and eat some pie and drink some drink. I also got to throw up after three of said drinks and was home with Patrick by 11.45. Boo.

Another of my own parties that I leave early… I suck. The highlight of the evening was of course seeing everyone; it’s rare that so many of my friends get together in one place and it always reminds me of just how awesome they all are and how lucky I am to have them as confidants.

Caversham Princess; Bobby Convey; M; Nitram and associated randoms; McCy; Leia Ewok Village; Woods, Tiger and MW#1… sigh. Just brilliant, the lot of them.

I am crap at keeping in touch with people I know; maybe I need to have more soirées to corral all my friends…

Looking back at previous birthday shenanigans the evening was fairly genius even if it did lack a birthday kiss (as per usual), the incomparable MW#1-2, lesbians & poppers and some skinned knuckles.

I also received a vast and wondrous selection of gifts, cards and hugs… all ridiculously generous. Bless you all.

2 Responses to 26

  1. Dave says:

    Do you realise that I thought I had already missed it hence the gift? Otherwise it would have been wrapped and less instant! I thought it was October 18th.
    I just called for a late birthday omg noez call but luckily for you you didn’t answer. Hopefully you were not disturbed from sleep or anything hideous lke that.

  2. monky says:

    Ah, Sweetie! I appreciated the gift nonetheless… I apologise for not answering, I was playing Monopoly downstairs away from my phone and did not hear you a callin’.
    It was excellent enough to see you last week anyway and show you a good time (and the bikini) so do not worry about wrapping or the like.
    I’ve got X-Files Season 2 on loan from MW#1 which I still haven’t found time to view; I am bunking off skool today to do paperwork and hopefully go round to my February School and sort stuff out, so maybe I can watch an episode or two as I fill out tax forms…