So i’ve got a job for two weeks at a school in a neighbouring town. I’m supposed to be teaching art and covering as required, and there’s the possibility of a longer placement. Hooray thinks I- pay at last… Then I looked at the goram league tables as I am wont to do… The school gets 45% A*-C GCSE. Apprehension sets in.

The God of your choice forgive me, but I am a snob when it comes to where I work; this is why I do not have a permanent position right now. So armed with the GCSE information alone I am immediately thinking I am going to be spending all my time running crowd control and not actually teaching.

Anyway, I only had two lessons to take all day- both Year 8’s, one from the “top set”- Out of a one hour lesson I spent approximately 45 minutes attempting to get them to SHUT THE FUCK UP so I could explain to them what they were supposed to be doing.

I had two lessons spaced a few hours apart. When the head of department came over at the end of the day as the kids finally left and asked me jokingly “so are you coming back tomorrow?” I started to cry. Eugh.

All the department members said I did really well and that I didn’t give an inch and made it clear I wasn’t going to put up with their crap, that the kids are just testing me, however as much as I need the money, I don’t think I want to stay there for over the two weeks.

It’s going to give me skills to deal with these complete fucks, but I kinda feel that I shouldn’t have to put up with such ridiculous behaviour in the first place. At the same time I feel like I am a teacher of lesser ability because I do not have control over them and because I do not wish to work there.

I know i’m not, and I know it was my first day, but I can’t help thinking it.

I’m just fucking tired and todays shenanigans and the prospect of the next couple of weeks is totally adding to the encroaching mean reds… I am attempting to push all thoughts of MW#1 into the no-man’s land in my mind… but all I want to do is throw my hands up in despair…

Fuck. It.

One Response to Weepfest

  1. Bobby Convey says:

    Oh lor sounds like you had a fucking rubbish first day. But no shame in that. The amount of little shits that godless parents gift this world, is quite unbelievable. Also, they’re sure to cool off a little when they know that you’re gonna turn up again.
    Also as you ponder what shit lives they’re destined for, think of the money they’re providing you! That’s not very charitable I know. I’m watching ‘Ballet Hoo’on channel 4 at the moment. It’s actually extremely moving, to see the kids whose lives are pretty tough, achieving something. It’s just a shame that it takes such a momentous effort to drag them from the mire, when a little love and discipline at the beginning of their lives would have done just the same job…