Sex Addiction

Essential reading from the ever-glorious Annie Sprinkle about Sex Addiction and the related Is Pornography Addictive? from WebMD.

Personally, I do not believe in sex addiction for all of the reasons outlined in the articles above. I think we all just vary in out desires be they how often we have sex or precisely how, just as one person’s teh hawt is another’s skank.

So i’ve said i’ll go back to the evil skool for at least another week after half term (it may continue on); I am however greatly looking forward to my week of lie-ins and intend to spend some quality time with Patrick and my blanket.

Don’t ask me why I decided to post about sex addiction. I think it’s just cos of the ever fabulous Violet Blue and a fair few inappropriate thoughts of late of filthy things involving a certain individual. Oh dear.

And God help us all, Tucker Max’s imaginary wingman MW#1 is apparently out on the trawl again… Run and hide ladies, run and hide…

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