Had to deal with my first bona fide punch up in a class today; after the punches had been thrown and one kid was down on his back I had to put myself between an incandescent Year 8 and a door to prevent him leaving the building and kicking the shit out of his attacker. Fun.

A gal who was on my PGCE course is an NQT there; I had to cover 10 mins of her class ‘cos she was on the point of snapping and telling them where to go- Kids were flipping entire tables over and hitting each other. She left the classroom in tears after dealing with her form- kids who are supposed to have a better relationship with her and who are supposed to get on. I have to ask- is it really worth it? Any of it? Every child is entitled to an education but surely every teacher is entitled to teach?

At the same time this means that whole sections of society will remain uneducated because they refuse to conform to the behaviour standards I consider acceptable and so I would not teach them. Maybe that would be the ultimate lesson- behave or you don’t get any education at all as no-one will teach you and you will not receive any support from the state. Mwhah mwhah mwhah.

MW#1’s after skool for TNA, junk food and much laughter courtesy of Senshi and his hi-larious accent. Things feel slightly weird at the mo. I need to try and forget that he’s (supposedly) interested; problem being it’s rather hard (I bet it is, baby) when all you want to do is curl up under a blanket with someone. As long as it’s my orange fleecy blanket of joy and not woollen blanket of itchy doom… me and my skin “so soft” have issues with wool…

I think it’s just because I’m tired and fed up with skool and am feeling slightly taken forgranted, but what can I do? I don’t want to be all “he’s not paying attention to me- I’m going to scweam and scweam until i’m sick!” and throw a strop because I feel slighted or ignored- I would like to think i’m not like that.

I just get pissed off when pertinent texts or emails go unreplied to or I get ignored because it’s plain and simple polite to reply or give a little attention. I’m just a friend after all… and as with anyone I expect common courtesy even if you do not have access to my skin, and even more so if you do. I hope I treat people with the same courtesy they bestow upon me; I mean between rants I am fairly easy going so I hope I do.

I honestly have no problem waiting for MW#1, but at the same time I don’t want to be left twisting in the wind not knowing what’s going on or getting passed over again ‘cos interest is lost…

I think hibernation may be the answer… just gotta find me some livers first.

3 Responses to Punchy

  1. Bobby Convey says:

    God your description of said school is leaving me a little incandescent! I’m starting to think beatings should be made legal again. I think parents and kids should be brought into class and beaten senseless! No teacher should have to stand for that, and what possible incentive is there for anyone to become a teacher if that’s what you’ve gotta face? Also, a whole generation of kids will be growing up largely uneducated, and completely lacking any basic discipline. Arggg. I hate the Daily Mail, but I am beginning to form the opinion that the UK has gone to shit! The only difference being, I don’t think blacks, gays and muslims are responsible….
    Also, while I am feeling a little enraged – What’s this with MW#1? Somebody else?? Anybody with their mind elsewhere, needs to be elsewhere in my opinion…

  2. Bobby Convey says:

    It has been pointed out to me by an independent advisor that I may have misread your blog (again). Oops. Still most of sentiments remain, if not all!

  3. monky says:

    The quote about MW#1 was taken from High Maintainence’s work of literary!!!!! genius!!!!! which I read every so often for amusement purposes.
    He updated his blog for the first time in aaages today with the following choice line:
    “Personally I’m out there again.. check yourself.. :) ”
    So it’s all very in-ter-est-ing.
    Anyway, yeah, one more day until half term… I know i’ll be unpaid but i’m like “FREEDOM!” and am looking forward to sleeping in and staying up late and just relaxing.
    May end up going back there after H/T, and I know i’m not having to even plan any lessons, but I am so washed out after my three weeks. Being on the verge of losing my voice daily and having a headache at the end of every goddamn day is not so much.
    I would rant more about skool, but to be honest i’m too tired (hence the time lag in replying to your always appreciated comments) and am looking forward to escaping for a week.
    I just would very much like to spend a few days curled up in my blanket with poorly Patrick watching the rain hit the plants outside the window; it just seems kinda appropriate for the time of year, and will be most satisfying.
    Of course curling up with a willing warm body would be extra nice, but somehow I think Patrick is super in his holey self.
    Also, I should say that I have booked the necessary transportation for Belfast. Huzzah.