I actually wrote a proper poem for the first time in years this evening. When I say “proper” I mean not involving Owen Wilson or Jimmy Shaker. Result.

I need to get it checked over by Bobby Convey first and see what a qualified writer of poetry thinks, then perhaps I will post it up.

Even though I post all sorts of personal shite here on nopoke, for some reason a poem seems more intimate and i’m a little unsure whether I should just keep it to myself. Of course this is probably down to embarassment.

4 Responses to Poem

  1. Dave says:

    In other news, I am horrified yet unable to navigate away from THIS http://www.tronguy.net/Xinchub/

  2. Dave says:

    Also when is your Bday?

  3. monky says:

    Ah yes… the man with the Tron costume.
    Personally, I found the site absorbing and educational, and spent a while geeking out over his costume constructing abilities.
    Of course, it’a all very wrong, but as someone who delights in making and wearing costumes I can empathise with the warped sense of achievement displayed.
    My Han Solo outfit is as expected muy excellentay, but if I had the tan and anorexic figure I should like to parade about in one of the outfits from http://www.leiasmetalbikini.com/ or on my hormonal days slip into something from http://www.501st.com/
    Maybe a Royal Guard
    http://www.501st.com/members/costumeroster.cfm?costumeID=12 or
    Special Ops
    http://www.501st.com/members/costumeroster.cfm?costumeID=13 in one of their awesome bright coloured trooper outfits?
    I may be adorning myself in some hallowe’en manner this weekend- i’m thinking gothic slut could be in the offing.
    I was quite pleased with my literary efforts re: poem and I dropped 30 squid on poetry books when I was in Lahndahn tahn the other day (pics to follow) to feed my brain and expand my romantic vocab. Woo. To be honest however, the poem only came to mind after I had something to work from i.e. some inspiration…
    I also bought some literary porn by superhawt/lovely/brainiac Violet Blue. Nasty fun ahoy hoorah.
    It’s the 18th- as it says on the left hand side below the site nav… :D

  4. Bobby Convey says:

    Hmm what happened to my comment. It has disappeared into the ether, making me look bad, and like I haven’t looked at your poem. It is a fine poem, may I say. More than fine. Quite beautiful in fact. Unfortunately I’ve had a couple of days of illness, and one (pre-planned) hospital visit, so have not fashioned my official critique yet! Promise I will do soon, and definitely put it on your blog, as it is too good not to be there…