Klassy Result

Well, MW#1’s housemate thought I looked good… I have no idea what the man himself thought.

The morning after the night before:




(Dave I can send you a few more if requested)

I thought I probably looked rather fetching even with the hair and body art… my dress is awesome, and I accessorised with my black 30’s heels, fishnet stockings, pearl necklace (hardy har), no body hair whatsoever and protection in my purse. That’s right. Chaste.

I outdid myself by dropping my knife on the floor whilst trying my best to live up behaviourally to how I was dressed… it was my first excursion with MW#1 to a food outlet other than McDonalds… two gin and tonics (with lime for the scurvy), two glasses of wine in combination with nerves made me a Super Dork when I was trying hard to be soh-fist-ee-kayte-ed.

MW#1 appeared to be taking my request for no intimacy until we discuss to mean no compliments for efforts made, a disappointing amount of innuendo nor any of the usual small intimacies bestowed such as the kind passing touch. I don’t know if I fulfilled the requested brief of “classy yet sexy” but at least I dodged seeing Talladega Nights in my LBD

He was understandably tired.

As you can see, I did at least gain a rather lovely souvenir on my arm… I will be watching (rather than taking part in) wrestling at MW#1’s Monday. Woo


“[MW#1] is by all accounts is still seeing the someone else, and that’s weird … part of me hopes he’s happy, or happier than he was with me – which he really does seem to be and thats a really good thing…”

Oh the intrigue.

4 Responses to Klassy Result

  1. Bobby Convey says:

    You look fucking fabulous chick!

  2. monky says:

    Thank you muchly Bobby…
    Not that you can really tell from the small, privacy-minding photos… but I thank ye nonetheless… it is of course all downhill from now on.
    I shall be wearing my usual getup Monday. Which reminds me, I must go and do some washing…

  3. Dave says:

    The hawtness of you + his lack of compliments = you dined with KNOBZILLA.

  4. monky says:

    Teh hawt? Well, I thought I looked pretty presentable…
    Is Knobzilla a giant phallus that rages across Japanese cities? If so i’m not quite sure that’s MW#1. He just doesn’t know a good thing when it’s wrapped up in black satin in front of him.
    He was tired, and I understand- I think it was just bad timing. At the same time I’m like, Dude- It’s all down hill from here- What am I supposed to wear next when you do take an interest?
    Like I said on the latest post, things are a little weird for me right now. It’s like we dance around each other, each too scared or too focused to make even the slightest comment.
    Of course all this is from my perspective alone.
    And i’m terribly sorry for your camera loss ( I think you had the same model as me)… how much do you have to spend? Maybe I can help you choose a new model- I could always take a gander in the camera shops over the weekend and see what’s for secondhand sale.