Child bearing

Today I was told that I have “child-bearing hips”. In a totally unwarranted manner I was slightly shocked by this statement; i’ve always written off my flat arse and wide thighs to being weirdly proportioned and shaped. And down to too much food dispersing in an uneven manner.

I’m above average height for my age and sex and am below average weight for my age, sex and height; i’ve always considered myself oddly put together in that I have such long legs and such a short, waistless, small-breasted torso.

The news that i’m not the relatively straight up and down gal railing unconsciously against a feminine ideal that I always thought I was is a little suprising. Do these supposed “child-bearing hips” mean I am perhaps a little more feminine? Maybe I can write off my overhang to that too…

Whatever. I think i’m still the romantic tomboy at heart.

4 Responses to Child bearing

  1. choc chip says:

    are you referring to me when talking about being told you have child bearing hips?

  2. monky says:

    Yes of course, Darling. It was quite a shock let me tell you :D
    Over the weekend I got a second opinion and although the examiner of my anatomy was admittedly biased, I was not diagnosed with child-bearing hips.
    I was however diagnosed with a variety of (both self-acknowledged and hitherto unknown) body parts that were deemed pleasing, so even if I am the possessor of hips that imply child-bearing abilities I have a list of positive parts that more than make up for my flaws.

  3. choc chip says:

    but i didn’t mean it in the negative way you’ve portrayed. all i meant was that women were supposed to have hips from an evolutionary point of view for the purpose of having children!

  4. monky says:

    My apologies. I clearly got the wrong end of the stick as far as that conversation was concerned… I guess I was a little thrown by the comment- I just hadn’t considered it. Anyway, i’ve got a nice laundry list of new superlatives to remember, so ’tis nae bother.