Museum assistant fucked

“I am sorry you were not shortlisted for an interview for the position of Museum Assistant”

“We had a large number of applicants and returned application forms for the panel to have to sift through, sorry you were not one of those selected for interview.”

What is wrong with people? Will anyone ever wise-up to how totally fuckin’ fabulous I am? Arrgh.

2 Responses to Museum assistant fucked

  1. Bobby Convey says:

    That officially sucks. Instead they’ll no doubt employ some thin-lipped old coot, who gives you the “death stare” everytime you approach a precious object.
    Old coot at Fenton House, Hampstead: “Are you sure you want to carry around that umbrella, you might knock something off”
    Me(the loud voice inside my head): “Yeah, your head, you silly old bat”
    Etc etc

  2. monky says:

    Thanks for the comiserations. I thought the reply they sent was a little weird, like they had too many forms so they couldn’t be arsed to look at mine or something.
    Of course, that is the *only* reason they can have for not employing my good self; I am an excellent enlightener and instructor and they are fucking retards. Obviously.
    It’s pissing me off at the mo that people that matter seem to overlook me…