This evening I spent a good ten minutes contemplating the scalpel lying amid the lucha mask detritus on my desk. I’m going to put it down to my lack of decent sustainance- six peanut butter sandwiches does not a good meal make.

I finished Hard Rain today and am now onto An American Dream; I’ve been finding it hard to lose myself in the words of late, concentration is proving difficult- the relentless speculation about my future and someone important to me is unhappy and i’m concerned I contribute to their woe. I’m not feeling depressed, it’s more of a jittery anxiety that seems to be hitting. Ak.

Update: I’ve consumed hot consumables and had a little type to The Monster and I feel better.

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  1. DAVE says:


  2. monky says:

    Thank you Sweetie… i’m sorry I didn’t see this comment earlier, I could have saved you some of your free minutes :)
    But woohoo for a new comment. I have missed your comments Dave… as you’re practically my only commentator. This means I miss you all the more of course.