Brain food

In the past seven days I have read the following: Black Rain by Masuji Ibuse, Girl With A Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier, One Hundred Strokes Of The Brush Before Bed by Melissa P. and The Death Of Men by Allan Massie.

This is a total of 922 pages; 131.714285714285714285714285714286 a day, not so many when you look at it that way. I am currently on Hard Rain by Janwillem van de Wetering and have Norman Mailer’s American Dream remaining.

I signed up with my local library in a state of desperation; days doing nothing but sitting in my room with nothing to do but think of inappropriate things was eating away at my sanity. As much as I am attatched to the internets via a telepathic unbillical, there is only so long you can spend looking at things. Really. I can spend hours at a time browsing Wikipedia but there comes a point where your brain starts to need something else to process.

Wikipedia: Black Rain
Bookslut: A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall – Black Rain
Crosscurrents: BLACK RAIN – Reflections on Hiroshima and Nuclear War in Japanese Film
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A Pronunciation Guide to Dutch Names and Terms around Vermeer

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Women feel anger more frequently than men and when not being watched are more likely to take out their anger: Differences between the sexes | The mismeasure of woman

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