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Weekend randomness

Weekend randomness…

Guardian – Comment Is Free: Calls for a British Megan’s law miss the point

YouTube: Walter Mays conducts his piece “War Games for Percussion” whilst ballet dancers perform to the music- where the artistes are wrestlers (J. Jarrett and D. Mantell). Part 1 & Part 2

Satoyama: Japan’s Secret Watergarden transcript and article

American Car Imports UK and their hot 2006 ACI Racing Mustang GT Premium Stampede Coupe.

The ridiculously pretty 2008 Dodge Challenger

Truckblog and it’s photos of a Louisiana truck show

Spinners are not just for the rims of your gangsta Escalade (Tony Soprano take note): Exhaust Tip Spinners

Top Ten cars from The Sopranos

Addictive TV

The research behind my embittered, cynical heart: The Observer | Where did our love go?

Of course I just dissolve when someone runs their fingers up the back of my neck and into my hair. Fucking hard-hearted, that’s me…
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Gallery update

The aftermath of a Summer’s day

“You’re just so smooth…”

Can you judge worth by tears shed?
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NSFW Erection Photos. Actually quite interesting- and I mean not even in a sexual way (oh for the days of yore and Especially the pages on implants and motion. Ballsalicious.

Maybe my label peeling is affecting my judgement…

Which led me onto this page from Dutch meat company Teeuwissen of photographs of animal parts, including this uncleaned beef pizzle. See my thinking?

I find the glossy liver and bizarre disembodied pork snouts quite aesthetically pleasing. Ooh. Gallstones. They also have a fun site that helps you find out which cut comes from what part of your animal. Super.
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Animal Rights

I spent 45 minutes getting rather angry watching the Newsnight special from Oxford on animal rights. I yelled at my tv alot.

Every single argument put forward by the anti-testing representative (and all the other antis) could easily be countered. The statistics from the survey carried out for the programme were as expected- people being generally anti-test for medical purposes on animals that gain more empathy (dogs, monkeys) but pro on animals such as rats or other rodents. 0.16% of all animals used are primates and 0.3% dogs and cats- yet these are the animals most frequently shown on anti posters and leaflets.

Womankind let the side down as per usual when it comes to testing, with the “aww cuddly lil’ baby animals” getting much more sympathy than from mankind. It’s just like with babies- why when a small human is around do women’s IQ’s suddenly drop? We don’t all have to follow what hormones and society deem. Yes, I would like a breed of child someday, but unless I have a connection to the parent of a sprog, I rarely fawn over the said child.

This hard-heartedness carries through to my opinions on such creatures as fluffy baby seals and dolphins. Dolphins are not exactly the cute, harmless intelligentsia they are made out to be- I would much rather have a poster of a Mako shark pinned up on my wall or another shark as they are more in peril than the evil melon-heads thank-you-very-much. Oh, but of course I can be susceptable to the old “male playing with baby being cute together and thus illustrating potential” trick. Aaanyway…

How anyone watching the programme could not howl with laughter at the anti’s arguments is beyond me; they were simply ridiculous, and boiled down to “Animals suffer. Thus testing is bad.” Yes, animals feel pain. How much and precisely how is up for debate, but animals do not experience pain in the same way humans do. Pain is physiological reaction of tissue, nerves and the brain to what is perceived as painful; it is also bound up with sentience.

You can accuse me of utilitarianism, but I believe that saving and improving the lives of over 60,000 humans living with Parkinson’s disease is more important than the 150 primates that were experimented upon and probably killed to perfect deep brain stimulation as practiced by pro-test representative Tipu Aziz.

The whole issue is one of people wanting all the benefits gained from animal testing but none of the responsibilty that is necessary for this progress. All the facts and all alternatives must be considered but for progress to continue sacrifices must be made. Science does not mix well with sentiment and no matter what public opinion may say, the public should not really in a position to shape government policy through partial understanding. Sure, comment away, but animal-rights activists appealing to the emotions shows just how lame their case is.

The whole thing of “use alternative methods of testing- it’s more reliable”- What alternative methods? There is no substitute currently available to experimenting on a living organism. At the very beginning of an experiment of course you can use cell cultures or computer modelling, but if you want to see the effects on, say the blood pressure of an individual after being injected with a drug, you simply have to test on a living creature. Since we do not think that rounding up orphaned street kids and testing new products on them is a particularly good idea, tissues, models and animals must be used.

I could rant on. I’m tired. I’ll save it for another day. Maybe I can get started on fox hunting. Grrr.

Wikipedia Animal Rights
Wikipedia Animal Welfare
SPEAK: The Voice for the Animals
Research Defence Society
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Pop Ya Nipple

These have more of a Friday flavour but anyways…

“That Slippery Nipple really kicks your ass…”

YouTube – Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell on Responsible drinking

Oh dear me cheerleaders… but I love the orange jerseys and the joyous feeling

YouTube – Usher Pop Ya Collar

Yeah, Usher is not good, but this song to me represents my feelings when I’m slung laughing like a schoolgirl over someone’s shoulder. Life is so darned good for three minutes and fifty-six seconds.
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Today I went into Lahndahn tahn to meet my brother. The whole day was spent looking at things I couldn’t afford, with my brother the student buying stuff whilst I pined for amongst other things the shiny hotpants I saw in American Apparel. Obviously I would wear them as underwear (it may come as a bit of a shock but I am not a Pop Princess) – Blue or fuschia I think.

I also spent some quality time browsing the UFC dvds in HMV; Ultimate Knockouts looks like elbow-tastic fun. Ak. It was ridiculously warm in the crowds and after a day of wandering about I had to get off the train home a stop early so I could sway into the ladies and puke. Delightful.

Shut the front door! YouTube – New TNA Paparazzi Productions vignette “Kevin Nash: Quest For X Division Greatness — Platinum Deluxe Edition”. Diesel and Alex “Art Student” Shelley are comedic gold. I have new-found appreciation.
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KeepVid Super C

Haha. Even with my (beloved) geriatric machine I can now save .flv YouTube stuff (Hello Metallicar) and encode it to pretty much any format. Genius.


Super C

Taken from the very informative Wired How To section- optimise your website, suck up to your boss effectively (!) and lose weight mathematically.

Super C will encode back and forth across a very wide variety of formats and is very easy to use. It’s also free. Now if I could just get the sound to encode…
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Tubby Toecutter


So on watching Mad Max a couple of nights ago I became aware that the Toecutter bears a strange resemblance to this Tubby Pirate

Japanese Mad Max weirdness

Yeah yeah. Photoshopping wrestlers… but when i’m not rampaging around town with MW#1 what else do I have to distract myself with? Sadly I can’t be having the time of my life every day.

Well… stealing icecubes from someone’s bag-full of them in the freezer… then putting them in my glass of milk for fun… checking various websites to see if spawn of Hunter has made an appearance… Oh yes. Aurora Rose Levesque.

Not Audio Science, Pilot Inspektor, Harley Quinn or Moxie CrimeFighter?
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In My Mind (The Prequel)

In My Mind


Update- In My Mind appears to be a bizarro version that has a very strange melange of music upon it- some proper tracks, some just plain weird and from The Prequel. A better bet is searching Hype Machine for Pharrell goodness. You know, all you unemployed bums out there with electricals and a broadband connection who lack the money.

I think i’ll just stick to the original Pharrell- Prince…

Gonna be so much fun… Thirty-one Twenty-one
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After staring at the ceiling and the wall for hours I finally got to sleep at 8am… Woke at 3 (I know- unhealthy) feeling a little less frantic about things. I called a couple of supply agencies and left my details and continued to consider my options.

Do I work on the principle that i’ll get something for September and continue on as I am, or do I abandon teaching for the Autumn term and get other employment a little more permanent and look for a post in January? Or do I just abandon teaching for the year and look for a post to start September 2007?

I hope I don’t have to stay out of the classroom until then; I feel I need to stay experienced in order to be effective, plus I would like to get my NQT year out the way asap. Unfortunately I need to live.

Anyway, a selection of Flickr favourites…

Monkey Pushover Tree (the Monster) 1, 2, 3
Stuart Hughes (Beirut and beyond)
my body miss you 8 NSFW
Blue Hue
erotica NSFW
Merkley NSFW

… and some good mixes: 8ball Deckless Wonder Vol. 1

Richard X’s Finest Dream into Benassi’s Satisfaction: After all we’ve been through/Time won’t change the way I feel about you :: Push me/And then just touch me/Till I can get my satisfaction… Muy excellentay.
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Some people cruise for hookers when they’re bored and feeling in need of comfort- I cruise underwear sites.

I’ve trawled my stash of bookmarks to try and find something interesting UK-based to satisfy my brain but alas, I seem to be unable to get a decent hit… grrr.

The gloriously theatrical Buttress and Snatch
The ridiculously beautiful (and expensive) Strumpet and Pink
Overpriced and not-so-much (but their shops are great fun) AP
Insanely priced beauties at Coco-de-Mer
Too clean and fancy for my liking Myla
The vast selection at Figleaves
Deceptively simple (and expensive) Bodas
The wonderful retro-raunch of What Katie Did
Your basic corsetry Axfords
More upmarket off-the-shelf corsetry Vollers
Crazy latexwear House of Harlot
Filled with beautiful stuff Fairy Gothmother

Problem number 1: I have no money to buy any of this stuff.
Problem number 2: I have no-one to appreciate me (skantily) clad (or otherwise) in said products.

Minor issues.

Looking at all this stuff doesn’t really comfort me particularly- all the underwear sites do is remind me of the above two problems and how this situation looks to be stretching out for years to come. It’s also a little depressing in a similar way that Valentines Day is a little depressing- In that I would really like to show someone significant that I care and have lots of monky-flavoured (i.e. warped) fun with them (e.g. going together to a lapdance club is just the perfect gift to show you love someone) but I simply lack the most basic requirement- a human being who thinks I rock.

I consider i’m a superior catch when you study the other fish in the sea and although I am super self-depreciating and my confidence often falters, I tend to think that there must be something wrong with everyone else, rather than myself. Is this egotistical?

At the same time, I often want to ask people – the Monster and Mid Atlantic – what it is about me that is so box-office-poison to them.

I know from experience that I am a fairly unusual individual (in a variety of ways) and I know that I pay for not towing the line through my (un)employment, the way people view and treat me and never having a significant other (no, not even a week-long affair in Year 9).

Then again, although I consider myself above people in some ways (hey, I love professional wrestling) and believe that being in a relationship in no way makes you superior to singletons, at the end of the day I would just like someone to take care of and love, and for me to receive some of the same in return. Admittedly pathetic.

Considering all the facts (friendship circle, location, employment, need for anyone who wants me to work hard at winning me because I think i’m worth it) I think I will be completely love-lorn for several years to come.

Jesus, what a disordered rant. To think it started with the rather mundane subject of undergarnments. Sigh.
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Brain drain

I’m going through a phase of disordered sleeping at the moment. The reasons behind my lack of regularity are many and varied but easy to pin down: It’s a giant disgusting blend in the style of a Tic Tac, Reeces Cup and wheatgerm “milkshake“. Eugh.

The heat making me restless… the changing hormone levels in my system… my days being boring and that I have little to either look forward to or tire me.

Thoughts of darkened booths and side streets make me squirm… then I consider the concept of being “just a friend” ad infinitum… what it is that makes me so incompatible… is there some aspect to me that is so off-putting… will I always waste my heart on the lost cause? This pondering is not linked to events of late- it’s more of a general introspective questioning.

I lie awake worrying about money and my future… where will I live… will I get a decent job… I don’t want to have to leave people behind… my brain just won’t stop processing and it’s beginning to get light…

Or the lightning spooks me… (I have issues with cumulonimbi)

All this makes me clutch tighter onto Patrick and results in a really screwed up sleep pattern.
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… UFC tickets run from $100 in the nosebleed section up to $750 ringside… that’d be another public fantasy then. Ri-fucken-diculous.

The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift – VA – OST mp3s
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UFC 61 Shenanegans

I chalked up four novel experiences whilst out and about last night; two of which were: taking in my first UFC ppv – it was bloody – and getting chow at Nandos – thankfully Christiano Ronaldo-less.

The other two things- Well, all I can muster is a ‘gosh’

Has got me thinking wildly inappropriate thoughts about things I cannot have…

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Too hot

Just gorgeous NSFW photography Waclaw Wantuch

An artist after my own heart: Björn Franke Traces of an Imaginary Affair (tools to create love bites…)

I had a longing to find out what the name of the crawling half-apple droid that was for sale outside the Jawa Crawler. I found out here The Indexed Trilogy and at the Wookiepedia

I went to see Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift. It was just super. I now would really like to have me a Veilside-d Skyline, or perhaps Vinnie’s Road Runner from Pure Vision Design (warning clunky flash). Mmm. The gutted Fastback Mustang having Nissan internals would mean it would be quite the economical drive to the supermarket. Well, a GT-R 34‘s gotta do better mpg than a V8, right?

Inside Line: Testing the ’67 Mustang from TF&TF:TD
Inside Line: Building the cars from TF&TF:TD

The soundtrack was also pretty darned hot: IMDb :: Boards :: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Mey Mami is a fave)

YouTube: Catwoman vs. Batman

YouTube: Waiting…
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Pitt Rivers Natural History

The Pitt-Rivers museum was really, really cool. A display case filled with shrunken heads, preserved scalps and venerated skulls prompted me to lecture a group of Year 8’s on the meanings behind scalping , coup sticks and relative cultural grossness. I also discussed feminism and pornography with some Year 12s. This is why I am a good art teacher.

I would love to go back and spend more time wandering around- the Victorian-styled collection is massive. We got to wander round the Natural History museum too; it had lots of things you could touch such as petrified tree trunks, stuffed animals etc. I was in my element- it was like the contents and processes of my mind made real.

I shall be spending my weekend packing the contents of my room up and shifting the whole lot two floors up from where I am. I’m at a bit of a loss where to start, but I think this is just ‘cos i’m tired. I’m just going through a phase of lonesome fed-upness (I’m even finding porn depressing). Yes, it’s really not good. Intimacy as with decent employment is darned impossible to come by.
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Go to sleep…

I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, but the drive to explore keeps me going… Mal Reynolds‘ boots, props galore from Prop Store, an extensive Costumers Guide, a how-to on Jack Sparrow’s costume, demode– a resource of costume making and historical women’s wear and Herkimer Diamonds.

Must. Stop. Bed.
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Not too bad a day- attending the exhibition of my pupil’s work and then a pint with some Year 13s. After being ID’d of course I even vouched for one of them (he was of legal age at least). Proper teacher, me- I’m sad to see them go.

Tomorrow I am spending a few hours in Oxford at the Pitt-Rivers museum with my mentor and some Year 8’s. Yes, I know I left skool three weeks back, but my days are uniform to the extreme, and I could do with a little variety. At least all this hanging around the same four walls is saving me money.

Not that I do much with my days, but somehow I am really tired and am feeling horribly tactile. Flirting, love-bite, seduction, foreplay, human sexual behaviour, loneliness and melancholia… Oh, the tales my Seamonkey History can tell. I am not particularly lonely nor am I melacholic but I guess lonesome is a better description- I am lonesome for company of a particular person and nature.

Beautiful and intriguing deep-sea photos and video: SERPENT
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Supernatural Pig Out

So I’m bored and lonesome and feeling decideably downhearted about my future, so being given a site to watch the entire series of Supernatural is just, well, super.


Thanks McCy– hours and hours have indeed been wasted… getting on for 18 so far.

Oh Dean
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Ah, to live in a world where I could be seen as an acceptable teacher (and human being) if I had gloriously coloured hair like this gorgeous gal: Aprella

great hair, skin, outfit and attitude
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multitaskingI started Saturday feeling pissed off and recovered by showcasing my innate artistic talent for tracing by painting a tent. I cried at Doctor Who, ate pizza and drank three-quarters of a bottle of wine watching Detective Flack being blown up and Detective Taylor getting a nice neck laceration.

I also took in a record three episodes of Supernatural and perved over Jensen Ackles and The Metallicar.

I stayed up ’til 6am discussing amongst other things science vs. religion, belief, personal responsibility, animal rights, past abusive relationships, fellatio, safe sex, personal sexual shame, the fun I had last time I was in bed and how to ‘get into’ various sexual shenanegans.

I woke up Sunday afternoon after having a recurring unpleasant dream about a certain individual- “Recurring dreams, especially dreams that are emotionally distressing, invariably indicate some level of emotional trauma.” Heh…

I felt tired and scummy and ate porridge whilst critiquing Nadal’s upper arm physique before driving home for more pizza and more tennis. I read about the very interesting arena of neurotheology and the possibility of God and spirituality being an physical effect to be recreated in a laboratory. I also took in some Jones and X.Ray.

I slobbed out, self-abused and smacked my gob at Zidane’s antics, then continued to amuse myself reading the changes on his Wikipedia entry before finally deciding to de-skankify myself.

I stole two unidentified fruits from a Chinese girl’s basket in the fridge (they were bountiful) and successfully identified them through dissection and consumption as relations of the lychee- longan. I then felt pleased.

I perused PotCII merchandise (wow) and pretty piratical jewellery. I searched for lucha mask suppliers in the UK (I can’t be bothered to go back to Into You) and tried to decide which mask I should get as part of my upcoming lucha costume- I rather like Shocker and Olimpico’s. I discovered a mini-season of Santo films playing at the Cornerhouse (an excuse to visit the parents perhaps) and found some nifty art postcards.

I spent the rest of my evening going through the MySpace sites of TNA wrestlers, browsing pictures from TNA of Eric Young and others and trying to pick out the best Sabin photo to use as a desktop. Then I spent a ridiculous two hours writing this post and searching and editing images.

Time well wasted.

The images remind me that one of these days I really should get round to writing about my love of injured men.
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PotCII Eve

Hours of preparation and a desire to have a good time and get crunk led to three drinks, one decideably suspect film, everyone disappearing off and a violent incident on the 1am Night Bus home. Just super.

A young, drunk and full of himself guy was treating the bus like it was a taxi and demanded to be helped home. He objected to the driver asking him to sit down and wait and started to verbally abuse the driver, calling him a “prick”, “monkey face” and a “Paki”. I should also say this this kid was black- which in my mind makes it all the more idiotic with the choice of slurs against the Asian driver. Know any history? Stupidity has no borders when it comes to colour of skin I guess, though young and male is a definite factor.

The driver pulled over and started to call someone on his mobile, whereupon the prick reached over and ripped the phone out of his hands and refused to give it back until he was let off. I thought he was going to punch the driver. Anyway, he put the phone on the shelf behind the windscreen and the driver opened the door to let him off- He then picked up the phone and viciously threw the phone at the driver before stalking off.

I went and asked the driver if he was okay, and if he wanted me to be a witness for him, and I also apologised for such people’s existance. I felt so bad. When the prick started to get confrontational and muttered monkey face at the driver I immediately felt a surge of anger towards him- how dare such an insignificant wannabe man cause so much suffering. At the same time I ran through my options and although I wanted to defend the driver, I was concerned that I might get a punch thrown at me or a knife brandished (because he’s the big man, right?). I was so angry about the disrespect he showed, and from such an amount-to-nothing piece of shit!

So all in all, the night was pretty bad. In fact, I’ve come home fed up, and I now feel like an idiot for having such high expectations. I’m also tired and long for a comforting hug (with no audience watching). Sigh.
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The Thingamagoop is a tiny synthethizer that looks a bit like a cute robot.

After watching this QT vid of one/many in action I would love to own one.

It would be an ideal pet I think.
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Piratical Waitress

I am currently undecided as to whether my new pirate top combined with my corset and short skirt makes me look like a goth waitress. I was going to go with remixing my old work combats and hack them off at the knee, but they are too bulky to squeeze under my darned foundation wear. Hmm.
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Sex Therapy

Being a sex educator has great appeal to me. When I read all the exciting, interesting stuff that goes on at conferences such as the upcoming one run by this lot I wish I had already made my millions or was partnered up with some indulgent moneyed individual.

How I would love to sit in on “The Representation of Sexuality, Sex Therapy and the Paraphilias in Contemporary Cinema” or “The Legacy of Lillith: Reclaiming Women’s Erotic Potential”… It’s all so stimulating.

I guess I would like to be a sex educator in my fantasy world because I enjoy helping people, have an interest in sexual politics and think that educating others is vital for ensuring well being. There are enough problems in the world- there should be no war in the bedroom.

Wikipedia entry:

“A common approach to sex education is to view it as necessary to reduce risk behaviours such as unprotected sex, and equip individuals to make informed decisions about their personal sexual activity. Additionally, proponents of comprehensive sex education contend that education about homosexuality encourages tolerance, while many conservatives believe that sexuality is a subject that should be taught in the home.”

“Another viewpoint on sex education, historically inspired by sexologists like Wilhelm Reich and psychologists like Sigmund Freud and James W. Prescott, holds that what is at stake in sex education is control over the body and liberation from social control. Proponents of this view tend to see the political question as whether society or the individual should dictate sexual mores.”

“Sexual education may thus be seen as providing individuals with the knowledge necessary to liberate themselves from socially organized sexual oppression and to make up their own minds. In addition, sexual oppression may be viewed as socially harmful.”

Hooray for education.
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Taken from the Popbitch board-

Taken from the Popbitch board- Subject: Charlotte Church

“I would like to fill her box with cat food and watch as 5 hedgehogs licked it all clean…she would like it too”

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At last when people ask what I do I can say I am A Newly Qualified Teacher. Another reason to drink on Friday. Hooray!

To say I was suprised when the result came up on screen is an understatement; I was convinced those evil box and whisker charts had killed my chances.

Of course, there is the minor issue of not having a job.
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busted, bitches

MW#1’s for Slammiversary. Good fun all round (no Tubby Pirate boo) apart from excess detail about what goes on in his bedroom. Ak… I did come away with hours of distraction courtesy of The Undertaker (who knew he was so athletic).

Distraction is what I need at the moment. Another try at passing my maths test tomorrow. Sigh. I am sick of all this maths- it’s a total fluke how well I do no matter what revision I do.

I am greatly looking forward to the piracy Friday. I have not had a proper big night out for a loong time and I could really do with a little fun, what with all the Mid Atlantic fallout. I wanna get crunk, have intellectual conversations about such things as the Argentinian football team’s hair and whether Keira K’s chin should be classified as a sovereign country all of it’s own.

Showcase my oh-so-sparkling wit and ability to pack non-aniseed/ liquorice/ dairy/ mint-based alcohol products away; fingers-crossed ending the voyage feeling happy and relaxed. Woo.

“Don’t put the coffee on, we’re not staying long…”
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Woo. I only failed my Numeracy QTS test by 1 mark this time. An improvement over the 4 mark failure before. One mark away from me feeling justified in saying “I am a qualified teacher”…
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Coool! YouTube – Top Ten

Coool! YouTube – Top Ten Video Game Weapons
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