Mrs Scotty Flamingo

So I was late for skool this morning because I was preoccupied with being Scott Levy‘s significant other. Yes, the girlfriend of Scotty Flamingo.

It was all fairly pathetic- I dreamt he was kind to me and did small things that showed he cared a lot; we had long discussions about the state of the world whilst slouched together in front of our tv, he was highly appealing and suprisingly self-contained. With a laughing growl he dumped me off the sofa down onto the carpet and proceeded to put me in a variety of different holds and tickle me whilst I screamed (well, more like aarghed) the house down.

“Where is this hurting?”
“Arghh! My leg… hamstring!”
“Okay, so what is this called?”
“I don’t know… Sharpshooter?”
“Nope. Try again.” Starts to tickle. Between hysterical laughs
“Stop it! Mercy! Pleease… I give up!”

He’s in no way the greatest technical practitioner but he was more than able to tie me up like a pretzel (being flexible has it’s downsides).

We talked about where we should go on holiday this year (Mexico? Ireland?) and that he needed to remind me to book up for a new term of the ceramics course I was enjoying. He loaded and ran the dishwasher whilst I stretched out to watch Law & Order: SVU and then mercilessly mocked me for my crush on Stabler, paying for this evilness by getting a big poke in the side courtesy of my good self. He grinned at this ever-so-valiant attack.

I felt very small and safe when he held me and he made me laugh an awful lot- Basically domestic life with a big-brained recovering narcotics addict. We seemed terribly happy.

My unconscious mind seeks out the comfort I desire even by hooking myself up the most inappropriate people. Warped. Then again he’s got a brain in his head: “The problem with most women is they fail to realize that there’s always something sexually attractive about them. They’re just too busy being insecure to find out what it is. There’s beauty in flaw and imperfection. To use one of my favorite quotes, ‘scars are souvenirs you never lose.'” Oh, Sweetie.

I know that I can be highly sexually attractive, it’s just finding someone that I feel accepts me and helps me feel at ease seems to be difficult. I’ve found only one person that helped me feel really comfortable in my own skin; maybe feeling comfortable comes when you think someone cares for you?

Aanyway, after England I am officially supporting Mexico in the World Cup. ¡Viva La Raza! Rather unfortunately I washed a wadge of tissues in my shorts today. It’s like my washing has had a close encounter with a Yeti. Eugh.

My first interview is all day Friday. Wish me luck, Sweetheart.

2 Responses to Mrs Scotty Flamingo

  1. Dave says:

    I know this is far less exciting but *I* wish you good luck.

  2. monky says:

    Thank you kindly, Dave.
    Good luck wishes from you are more welcome than those from my beau Scott- You actually exist in my life as opposed to my recovering narcotics addict.