Give good hug

My course is over, everything is nearly done.

I multi-tasked drinking of alcomahol and meeting MW#1 and my coursemates… It was a good night.

MW#1 gave an uncharacteristically really good hug. And then another one. I was happy.


2 Responses to Give good hug

  1. Dave says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself – was there much drinking? ;)

  2. monky says:

    Actually, not that much. I am saving myself for my Captaincy of the Damned Lust next Friday. Drunk and ‘in control’ of a pirate ship? Arrrrr.
    The hugs were seriously satisfying. I don’t know what MW#1 made of it all but I didn’t feel sad, I just felt really good. Of course this enjoyment is probably a bad thing; squirming around on a bar stool in between his legs is not helpful. Just like my inappropriate admiration of the scar and tiny bruises on his wrist and the tightness of his shirt.
    I’m super careful not to let my fingers linger too long when he invites me to poke his bruises (much as I want to take my time investigating); my mind works overtime on such things, especially as I am now officially unemployed. Ak.
    P.S. I hope the move went smoothly and was not too unhappiness-making.