6K Asia

Asia Carrera’s husband was killed last week in a car accident. Just before Father’s day- she’s got a 1 year old daughter and is 8 months pregnant with a son.

“I’m going to lose my mind when they hand me my big strong handsome husband in a tiny little wooden box…”

She seemed to have finally found some peace over the last few years being so happily married and out of the business and it’s just so sad to hear about this. She seems a genuinely nice human being. I know she’s a strong woman but it’s so sad for both her and her children. Sigh.

On to more mundane matters… I have to put in a bid for an animation package for skool… I have 6k to play with, and everything i’m looking at so far is going to cost around 800 quid for 10 machines. Spending other people’s money should be fun, but it’s really not.

The slick professionalism of Toon Boom Studio or the bones of Moho? Hmm.

2 Responses to 6K Asia

  1. Dave says:

    I adored that caeasemod. It was the BEES KLEES.

  2. monky says:

    She’s a talented woman at that. Just like you (she’s a Mensa member too!)- only with less filmic porn.
    Mind you, I don’t know what you get up to in your private life (nor do I want to)… you could have a blossoming career in adult entertainment that I know nothing about and thus are just pretending to be unemployed and heading into the secretarial pool.
    I’m so happy for you! I like the co-ordination on this Dave… :D