sex injury

Ow… sex injury rears it’s ugly head: A literal pain in the neck and I feel stiff and sore across my body. I obviously need to put in more practice, or at least stretch a little beforehand.

Aw, poor little Monky.

In other news: I need time to adjust to the way he treats me- He has always been far too good to me. I know i’m a decent, valuable individual and all who is deserving of such treatment but I’m not used to someone being so considerate, which can cause me to be mean.

To my shame, i’ve always been this way with him. Time and patience is required. Especially so I can reciprocate and finally cast off the layer of ice that protects me.

Though it’s better to stay frosty until I work out what’s going on.

I need to come up with a suitable codename for this individual. Hmmm… Mid Atlantic has a good ring to it.

Word of the day: Chickenhead NSFW

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