So after a very tiring day at skool I arrived home to find my day brightened by two new toys: shavers. Now I know yes, I’m pretty sad for getting excitable over such gadgets but let me tell you- after I had given them their virgin run I was most impressed. No slicing off of even the most delicate parts of my anatomy (hooray) and a really good finish too. Much better than shaving with a razor.

I like to try and keep myself a bit orderly in the undergarnment area (never wear a bikini, so not that line), and as I am a lazy individual the easiest, safest and most pain-free way to hair remove is so the best for me. If I don’t have to get my anatomy out I generally can’t be arsed. So the shavers are all good.

Then Destination X courtesy of Mid Atlantic. Twas good but to be honest I was pretty tired by the end of it and was glad to crawl into bed.

However, WM 22 is fast approaching and I will be too excited to be tired… Woo hoo! Have had it written in most every calendar I have for about two months and will officially begin to spazz-out shortly.


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