Skool Day One and Sisco

My first day of skool wasn’t too bad. Managed to survive the annoying girl. Department staff lovely although i’m slightly concerned about access to lessons due to teacher availability. Art subtly and not so subtly written off by senior members of management during talks given. I expected this but it’s still quite odd to sit and hear people come out with it.

I told the assistant head that i was looking forward to the challenge of teaching a subject in a school where written academia is valued above everything else. He disageed with me a bit (in a good natured way); I clarified that I just think that all subjects should have value regardless of how “worthy” they are. There’s more to life than physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and further mathematics.

I have a staff planner now; pleased with the stationary at least. I must customise it. It’s laminated and everything

Caught an episode of Karen Sisco late night. Very good with plot, action and eye candy. All a growing girl needs.

One Response to Skool Day One and Sisco

  1. Nitram says:

    As an almost qualified scientist I wholeheartedly disagree with one of the statements in your last post.
    One should realise by now that there is nothing more to life than physics, chemistry, mathematics and further mathematics.
    However, there is more to life than biology (which I was never very good at).