foot warmer

Ah… The simple delights of an evening at ManWhore#2’s. Kill Bill mini-marathon, pizza, wine and my feet kept nice and toasty… but he does like to brag about his faux-tupperware… the man is a goddamned menace.

MW#2 showed off his Star Wars Potatohead collection- I was decidedly unimpressed. At least you can pose wrestling figures or make them have fights. The potatoes just sit there… doing… nothing and they look like they are doing nothing.

At least I had a successful evening on the socialization front; although attempted footsie under the blanket sort of freaked me out (and for all the wrong reasons). Some sort of social progress at least, although I think it will be a long time before I am less buttoned up. Some people say I have never truely thawed; to those people I would say balderdash- give me an environment where I feel loved, valued and secure and I’ll be a puddle on the floor.

Sitting me in front of a George Clooney film usually has a similar sort of effect.

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