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BrickQuest: Fantasy Boardgaming in an ABS Universe

A game combining Lego with fantasy RPG’s (with cool brick monsters) BrickQuest: Fantasy Boardgaming in an ABS Universe
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boxed in

Whiteread 1

Whiteread 2

Whiteread 3

Yeah, I know the last one has a yellow tint to it, but honestly, being hidden behind the wall changed the quality of the light.

Sugarcube wonderland, baby.
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my porn career begins

A pointless gadget I have long wanted arrived today along with a stack of dry art and design education books: a webcam. Now I can begin my undoubtedly stellar career in pornography. I think I might just point it out the window. Fun.
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foot warmer

Ah… The simple delights of an evening at ManWhore#2’s. Kill Bill mini-marathon, pizza, wine and my feet kept nice and toasty… but he does like to brag about his faux-tupperware… the man is a goddamned menace.

MW#2 showed off his Star Wars Potatohead collection- I was decidedly unimpressed. At least you can pose wrestling figures or make them have fights. The potatoes just sit there… doing… nothing and they look like they are doing nothing.

At least I had a successful evening on the socialization front; although attempted footsie under the blanket sort of freaked me out (and for all the wrong reasons). Some sort of social progress at least, although I think it will be a long time before I am less buttoned up. Some people say I have never truely thawed; to those people I would say balderdash- give me an environment where I feel loved, valued and secure and I’ll be a puddle on the floor.

Sitting me in front of a George Clooney film usually has a similar sort of effect.
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Hydrostatic shock

The Box O’ Truth is a very interesting site about bullet penetration testing which is not too hardcore on the NRA glorification; illustrating stuff like what shoots off a lock, what will break through “bulletproof” glass etc.

The photographs of penetration holes in the clay under the Kevlar sheets tested are beautiful but horrifying when you imagine arteries, organs and flesh in place of the clay.

Wikipedia: Hydrostatic shock
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pirate porn

prepare to be boardedWell I may have been action-less over the weekend, but I have discovered that they make pirate-themed pornography. In a world where Shaving Ryan’s Privates is a classic, it should be obvious, but somehow it had never occurred to me before.

One of them (Digital Playground’s Pirates) has high production values and comes on 3 dvds. In porn terms this means it’s an opus. It’s got Steven St. Croix in it too (which makes it good to invest in) but sadly so is Jesse Jane (who I think is a skank).

It has excellent costumes (with very good hats).

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Crisp hunt

Isn’t it nice to find an unopened pack of crisps when you’re reaching under the desk to refill your printer tray? Oh yes.
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Ice Queenery

Propriety is my downfall… My birthday excursion contained a classic example of personal behaviour that frustrates me. I complain that I lack for intimate inteludes but when offered opportunities to get closer (and I don’t just mean fluid-swapping) I feel I am far too reserved. I get embarassed, look down or away, go red. I can flirt most effectively but I feel awkward when pushing further and feel kinda dirty afterwards, even when it’s just inappropriate banter. For no logical reason. I would say I can be loud and outgoing; but at the same time I can be quiet, hesitant and quite shy.

I am an Ice Queen, rather untouchable, worried about people’s opinion of my behaviour and unsure how to proceed. The thing is, they really don’t care, but I have a difficulty where I look back on past behaviour and cringe. These incidents were exceptionally minor, but I still carry the shame around with me which probably goes some way to explaining my lack of initiative. I had never been kissed until I turned 20. It’s like I need to take classes in intimate social strategies.

If someone offers me their lap to sit on, I should sit on their damn lap. Especially when not bringing over another chair to sit on would avoid you blocking the coridoor and skinning your knuckles when bringing the chair over. Like, duh.

When the heat is on, I am always the first one to drop out of the chase. And other such failure-implying cliches. I need to work on finding some ease in close-contact social situations.
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Birthday downfall

So I failed in my aim of debauchery. Propriety is my downfall…

It was very pleasing however to have such a large group of confidants in one place at one time. Visual evidence that I do have a friendship circle, rather than a triangle. Well, a non-resident circle, anyway.
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Twenty Five

Hitting the quarter century mark… odd. Drinking and conquering tonight and I am excited…
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Eddie’s heart

A preliminary report indicates that Eddie Guerrero died from a massive heart attack due to heart disease. Narrowing of the arteries and an enlarged heart caused from his past substance abuse and intense work load.

Do wrestlers have annual medicals? Surely this sort of thing would have been picked up? He had been with the company for 5 years and was clean and sober for 4 of those. So essentially, the WWE had notice on the life of Eddie Guerrero and could have done something about his condition. Heart disease is generally not something that has a sudden onset and if Eddie was told “you will lose your life doing something you love” even he, a man steeped in wrestling history and tradition would have gladly exchanged all of that to be with his family.

I feel that this sorry tale might have had a better outcome, and Eddie might still be alive if this had been picked up.
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Eddie Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room this morning.

I saw him wrestle in London a few years back on a Smackdown! European tour. He was the bright spot of the evening, with personality shining through and high-flying moves amazing me. He was just such a great wrestler- His in-ring abilities were varied, being able to perform great mat work or dive off the top rope at a moments notice. Outside of the ring his promo work was well thought out and often quite emotionally intense, and he had a gift for humour that would be effective as either a face or a heel.

Cause of death has not been released but there is probable cause. Everyone knew he had drug and alcohol dependency problems over the years but I still felt a huge shock when I saw the headline on WrestlingDB. His life was back on track, having reconciled with his wife and family and successfully staying clean and sober for four years. Apparently he had breakfast with his nephew and another wrestler this morning and returned to his room to get ready to leave. When he didn’t appear his friends went looking for him and found him dead.

Far too many wrestlers have died at too young an age so I know severe injury and death in or out of the ring is a distinct possibility. A life on the road away from your family having to work through injuries takes it’s toll. It’s not steroids that get people, it’s being young and alone and in severe pain; this leads to numbing drugs of both the legal and illegal variety.

Whenever you hear a wrestler has died the back story to their death is often so sad and pathetic. Usually people are found dead alone in their hotel room either from a drugs overdose or that symptom of pain pill and steroid abuse an enarged heart. Or they go safely home to their friends and families and never wake up in the morning. Current thinking is that Eddie died from heart failure and maybe this is due to the years of abuse his body took.

Like Vampiro said as a wrestler you are basically a whore- used to perform and earn money but thrown away when your looks or talent fades. That’s not the case in this instance but it’s symptomatic of an industry that seriously needs to sort itself out. Enough workers have died, enough families have been left behind. Just because it doesn’t happen in-ring does not mean it it nothing to do with your business.

This is the first professional wrestler who has died who I have particularly liked. I never met the man and I saw him only from afar but he will be missed.

Paying tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero by Dave Scherer
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spanish golf

During the week I was helping a Yr9 pupil construct a model using paper pulp when the boy next to him started talking about getting some poontang over the weekend with his buddies. I told him to stop talking, and that this conversation was completely inappropriate for the classroom. He continued, and told me that poontang meant golf in spanish. “Honest, Miss. It means golf in spanish. We’re going to invite some girls over and play some poontang. Lots of girls…”

This is from the same pupil who passed a pair of scissors across the table to his friend by throwing them. I told him again to cease and desist, and that I knew exactly what he was talking about.

“I’ve watched enough wrestling in my time to know exactly what that word means, and I know it doesn’t mean golf. So stop it, now.”

“Miss, Miss- Do you watch wrestling on TV?”
“No, I don’t.” (I lack the pay TV and so watch dvds)

and so logically he asks

“Do you watch any TV at all Miss?”
“Yes. Get on with your work.”
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Your Weirdest Teacher Question of the week > Your Weirdest Teacher

“I had a teacher who was loved by all the students just because of the fact he was so wierd. Most of the odd things he did i cant clearly recall, but I will never forget his creative way of teaching us the french word for danger. Him climbing out the window, then hanging onto the 3rd story ledge repeatedly shouting to the class, ‘Je suis en peril! Je suis en peril!'”
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Historic Air crash sites

Oddly bland yet somehow interesting Historic Aircraft Crash Sites
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Death By Caffine

145.45 cups of Brewed Imported Tea + You = Death

Death By Caffine calculator
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Pancakes and plasma

From interaction with other human beings, I realise that I can now genuinely be classed as odd. So when I revel in my weirdness, I am not just playing up to the title (well at least not all of the time). I’ve been made especially aware of this different-ness since i’ve started my course and have mixed with a whole new mixed bag of people. A case in point: I have always wanted to make a pool of fake blood on some asphalt of the same quantity contained within the human body. I just think it would be interesting. I’d like to roll around in it for a while too, just for fun; I think that’s probably the clincher on the weird deal.

So anyway, someone has done it already. It’s presented as worth-while research. Bonus.

From the really very interesting (did you know Silly String has military applications?) in the “How Much Is Inside” series (including such delights as How Much Is Inside a battery, a Sharpie, gold in Goldschlager:

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An Eye for Annai

Wonderful animation over at Burst of Beaden: The tale of a small creature and his quest for a new eye…
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Alex Jones

Fine, eclectic photojournalism: Alex Jones
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ISS DNA Mangling

Interesting article from NASA about how various parts of the body respond to space radiation. If a solar flare hits and you happen to be wandering around the Sea of Tranquility, you might be told by mission control to protect your hips. Conserves bone marrow. Also includes a very interesting image of radiation-mangled DNA taken from an ISS inhabitant.

An Odd List of Body Parts
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House of the Orange Monkey

No logic to liking this: The House of the Orange Monkey
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dia de los muertos

phalanx lickin' good

Happy Dia de los Muertos, people. Spare a thought for the departed in your lives.

AZCentral Dia de los Muertos
Ciurczak and Rangel El Dia de los Muertos/The Day of the Dead
NTIEVA Papel Picado

Ms MuzWith death you’ve got to have a little sex: NSFW Julie Atlas Muz. A performance artist and burlesque mermaid amongst other professions.

“High Art at Low Tide” is a fascinating film of Ms Muz frolicking with the fishes in an aquarium behind a bar. The shots of her nude body twisting through the water are quite beautiful.

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