under crackers

Not necessarily Safe For Work: When i’m bored I like to trawl underwear shops and drool over the goodies advertised within. I used to go ga-ga over AP, but I think they’re somewhat overpriced and over-rated; they have nice styles but they are nowt special. Also, their stuff seems to be just ridiculously tiny- if i’m buying a pair of knickers I want some coverage, otherwise I would be buying a thong. I am not a fan of those instruments of genital trauma. Big pants for me please.

I am a fan of corsets and FairyGothMother has a really nice selection of gear, with some fabulous voluminous skirts. If I had money and a willing victim/reason I would love to rock the corset/petticoat-skirt combo.

Axfords and Vollers are traditional UK manufacturers of off-the-peg corsets and have a good range of very lovely styles. Nice pictures too. If you type in the code for the corset you are interested into the search engine of your choice you can usually find what you’re after cheaper somewhere else. The best corsets come from the US- we lack for the custom-made over here in Blighty. However, FairyGothMother is good in that you can go and try on anything you like to make sure it fits; one of my corsets requires me to have a larger rack than I currently possess, and I figure it is cheaper to buy another corset rather than a new pair of tits.

Then there’s Myla, who have very nice stuff. Out of my price range, but sophisticated and beautifully put together. Same goes for Coco-de-Mer who are unashamably aiming for the high-flying gals out there with a large disposable income. They have a really delightful pair of knickers, the “Strumpet & Pink Little Bow Peep” which I am quite taken with:

un(do) me

What Katie Did have really nice hoisery and knickers (including a cheaper version of the tail pants from Coco-de-Mer). A well-chosen pair of stockings can add a lot to an outfit in both style and titilation factors. I like colourful, interesting undies and I hope in those at least I have taste.

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