I’ve just finished watching the box set of Firefly (kindly lent to me by McCy) and I think I am going to have to be spending some government money on getting that ‘lil baby for myself. For many reasons. The humour, the action, the allll sorts of pretty on the screen.

Horror of horrors I have another inappropriate squirm-inducing male to add to my list of lovelies. With a girl’s name too. Although I would like to say that I liked him before, and that it’s just the exposure thats led to him being on my radar at the moment. And I like Mr Tudyk even more now, having found his acting and wonderfully assymetric face a joy since A Knight’s Tale.

I caught a trailer for Serenity a couple days ago and I got excited. Also, thanks to the easter egg on the dvd I now have an urge to make me a nice wool-free Cunning Hat. Or this one for dummies. Or maybe this one. I already have a beloved earflap hat and I can’t wear wool, or knit very well for that matter. Plus I have other more important things to be doing right now.

I’ll be in my bunk.

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