Bunkisms pt 2

Damn it. I was reading about possible Jayne’s hat cameos in Serenity and accidentally read about the two Big Damn Deaths. Cue me clapping my hand over my mouth in horror and feeling sad. Which after inexplicably weeping last night whilst in bed listening to Raspberry Beret I really don’t need.

It was quite odd; the music was so filled to bursting with joy and I was happily singing along and then it seemed to overwhelm me and I felt tears running down my cheeks and seeping underneath my headphones. I do have a few songs that make me well up for no good reason so I guess the emotion contained within the music gets to me sometimes; it doesn’t have to be just due to the lyrics.

E-Bow The Letter or Underwater Love anyone? Never mind the songs where the lyrics are actually upsetting- I’m Having The Time of My Life is a stone-cold killer. I couldn’t roll over to sob either due to the headphones acting like stabilisers to my head. Just had to lie there and take it horizontal, like, whilst wondering what the hell was going on. Not so much, please.

Just got to focus on the pretty, without devoting too much time thinking about their nice upper arms. Then I’ll start feeling… lonesome…

Oh wait. I feel kinda alone on the prairie already, so I’ll just keep on keeping on. Yeah, cozying up in the well-formed arms of an imaginary paramour. Shiny.

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