Special Torture

I had to give a talk about my work today to the rest of the class. I was scared. It went well in that people seemed to be interested (mind you they always are) but a lot of time was spent talking about how I would never do anything to harm anyone else, and how I would cope at a job interview or when interacting with children in relation to the content of my work. I also talked about my black work, my love of the small things, the way I investigate and catalogue things in my life, and sexual politics and freedoms.

One of my classmates had his hand up for a long time… When I eventually got to him I apologised that I hadn’t come to him sooner. My tutor then said that he should have cut his aching arm off and chucked it to me, then I might have come to him sooner. Collective groaning and tutting from my classmates, cue me pulling a ha ha face and squirming about on my seat. Which I had been doing for 15 minutes anyway.

It was all rather embarassing.

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