Seven days and…

two hours with a dearly missed Texan lovely,
one Zen Micro,
one FDNY hat,
one bulk pack of ear plugs,
a variety of Spongebob merchandise,
one wrestling action figure,
one over-the-top biscuit,
one Yankees programme,
one copy of Entertainment Weekly,
two NYPD mugs,
one NYPD t-shirt,
one set of pasties,
two sex toys,
two strappy vests,
one flirty, floaty top,
two Mick Foley novels,
one wrestling magazine (Vamp’s rated at #162),
one palette,
one cake of brush soap (and assorted art accoutrements),
one box of Animal Crackers,
one Bad Gal stick
two Hawaiian music cds


one bottle of Hawaiian Surf later…

…I am back on the block.

I have two more days left at my shitty job, i’m going to be “rewarded” with a wrestling dvd upon leaving and it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day this weekend. I’m seriously apprehensive about my course and my ability to hoop jump, haven’t done any of the essays required yet, but damn it, Vampiro is coming to the UK in November (alas, tis in Kent) and I may be poorer in cash but I am richer in many excitingly materialistic ways.

Pirating, Pirating la la la la lah….

Life is gooood…

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