MOT Musa Cyperus


Rather too happy to receive a phone call informing me that my car had passed it’s annual exam. No work required of any sort, which is a rare occurrance.

Bought myself two new friends in the form of a dwarf banana and a dwarf papyrus. I am determined to keep these alive- I have a love of plants but I am expert at killing them through neglect. The Banana will probably grow too large for my room but the look of it and the idea of having a banana plant was too interesting to turn down. The papyrus looks interesting and was cheap (like the Budgie).

I’ve never named a plant. Pets yes, plants no. The banana gained the title “Mr” within 10 minutes of me owning it, so maybe that should be made official by my referring to it as such from now on. My universal good pet name of Bob does not entirely seem to suit it’s squat form. The papyrus does not seem to warrant a name. Maybe I am discriminating?

On that subject, last week a customer came to the Help Desk. I was not manning said desk thank fuck…

Biker: “I would like to return all of these please” (hands over everything he had bought 20 minutes earlier)
HD: “No problem. Do you have your receipt? Why would you like to return them?”
Biker: “I have the receipt. I would like a refund because your store discriminates against me.”
HD: “Discriminates?”
Biker: “Well, i’ve just gone out to find i’ve been given a parking ticket”
HD: “Oh, well, were you there over the allotted time?”
Biker: “No. I was parked in a disabled parking bay.”
HD: “Riiight.”
Biker: “I have been discriminated against because I am able-bodied.”
HD: “I’ll just call the duty manager…”

The prick continued to argue that he had been discriminated against and that all the parking slots in the car park should be for everyone, and that the slots at the front of the store for disabled patrons should be removed. This went on for 10 minutes until the duty manager told him that he was wrong and that his point was idiotic and then he walked off. The biker asked for his name and the number for head office. Heh.

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