Escape to the Playground

Excellent. Escape from the evil mind-numbing drudgery of work to sun, kids and feathers. Hooray. A few days at a primary school to fulfill the hoop-jumping for the course. I spent a delightful day with the guys and gals of 5b learning about Tibetan prayer flags, sitting outside under some trees to listen to four singing bowls, a cello and a viola da gamba. We studied feathers, looked at some disembodied geese wings (“they smell funny”) and I wrote with a goose quill pen. My name is Monky. I like writing in ink. I also watched two classes perform poems that were odes to the evils of litter.

Litter litter is a titter
Litter litter it is bitter
Put it in the bin
And you will win

With actions of course.

I sang a song about world peace and talked to some girls about the meaness of boys. That they’ll be mean to you when they like you because they’re just starting out on the whole crush thing and that when they grow up a bit if they’re mean to you that’s wrong. Most girls seemed to have about five boys on the go. I remember being very much uninvolved with that whole scene. I was never-been-kissed until the grand old age of 20. I think i still bear the scars of being the outsider (nought relationships and counting). Starts so young. Sigh. More fun to come. Mini-beast safari soon, which i have to say is one of my favourite things in the world. Whirlygig Beetles and Pond Skaters. Cool.

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