Veggie paintbrushes

Something other than the usual inane questions I am bombarded with day in, day out: “I’m a vegetarian and was wondering where the bristles on paintbrushes come from?”

Synthetics and vegetarian madness aside, I thought they were a by-product of the meat and fur industries. Seems you can’t escape our bovine and porcine friends: Not just pies


This interested me. Found whilst perusing the obits page whilst bored. Too many people die at a ripe old age to be interesting. Sudden death at a young age is much more eye-catching.

Anyway- Why would you need 62.5 tonnes of gelatine? Why is it edible gelatine? Does this mean the gelatine must sit and rot until the papers are discovered? Does gelatine rot? It must do if it gets wet i suppose.

I imagine a barge with a giant cube of shimmering gelatine being towed slowly into port by a tug; buildings and dockworkers green and distorted as they pass behind the cargo. I think it is more probably in powdered form. Less picturesque but somewhat more practical.

Is Brazil a large gelatine producing country? Is the gelatine from cows? More pigs than cows seem to be turned into gelatine. Did they find the health certificates? Where were they?

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