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Death Row Briton’s conviction overturned

DPIC: Foreign Nationals and the Death Penalty
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Interesting… Google Video Beta My

Interesting… Google Video Beta

My ginger plant smells of ginger when it’s leaves are brushed. Unexpected.

Custom Subwear
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Veggie paintbrushes

Something other than the usual inane questions I am bombarded with day in, day out: “I’m a vegetarian and was wondering where the bristles on paintbrushes come from?”

Synthetics and vegetarian madness aside, I thought they were a by-product of the meat and fur industries. Seems you can’t escape our bovine and porcine friends: Not just pies


This interested me. Found whilst perusing the obits page whilst bored. Too many people die at a ripe old age to be interesting. Sudden death at a young age is much more eye-catching.

Anyway- Why would you need 62.5 tonnes of gelatine? Why is it edible gelatine? Does this mean the gelatine must sit and rot until the papers are discovered? Does gelatine rot? It must do if it gets wet i suppose.

I imagine a barge with a giant cube of shimmering gelatine being towed slowly into port by a tug; buildings and dockworkers green and distorted as they pass behind the cargo. I think it is more probably in powdered form. Less picturesque but somewhat more practical.

Is Brazil a large gelatine producing country? Is the gelatine from cows? More pigs than cows seem to be turned into gelatine. Did they find the health certificates? Where were they?

Rebiere Gelatinas
Landauer Group
FSA Gelatine Guidence Notes

Make your own Gelatinous cube
Make your own Stellar Gelatin Sculpture
Cows=glue: This To That
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Dammit. Work is getting me angry and down and leaving me wide open to emotional conflict. Stabbing Management is not classed in this fug. That’s just understandable and justifiable. Homicide. La la la… I’ve been feeling so good within myself though life ain’t fabulous right now, so feeling twinges in the emotional armour is a little perturbing. This is the challenge of going solo I guess- Like any relationship, it needs work.

I don’t get self worth from other people like I unfortunately did in the past. I’m happy wandering along without anyone. At the same time I miss the attention provided by youse guys out there. Is the first statement true? Can I revel in male attention without losing some of my independence? I’m finding that I like some people far too much and that by caring about them and enjoying their company I get too emotionally involved. I’m finding it a little difficult to sort out what’s going on. My male friends are all top notch humanity but I don’t pick such upstanding men for initmate relationships.

Shutthefuckup whiney bitch. Now. Moving on swiftly…

I’m nearly successful in killing off two new houseplants. Hoorah. Well, that is probably an inappropriate exclamation to use. I think my nest is too dark for them, even though i selected them for their hardiness. They’re plants that literature says are virtually impossible to kill off. Look at me, miracle worker. Planted a ginger rhizome in one of the pots for fun and am amazed at the rate the vivid green shoot is poking up at. It’s an pleasing shape, a spike with interesting kinks in it.

A colleague is getting hitched this weekend and this event prompts me to wonder if I could ever commit to the whole marriage thing. Conceited of me it may be, but could one person hold my attention for the rest of my life? Even for year blocks of my life? Would scheduling be involved? Will I ever break out of this Bradshaw-esque monologue? Jesus.

How to eat sushi properly
Dado rail
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First digital foray

cherry poppin'

Courtesy of a most unexpected Christmas present.

More may materialise.
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Lost vision

Saw Finding Neverland yesterday. Most excellent. Johnny (was gorgeous as per usual and) put in a fine performance. Subtle, realistic, very restrained. As usual his accent was spot on. Much hilarity when he appeared in pirate garb. Cap’n Jak Sparrah with less of the Berkshire twang and more Lahndahn. The first thing i noticed when he ran through the undergrowth was his fine pair of bucket boots. I am such a pirate boot whore.

Everyone put in excellent performances, but especially striking was that of the kid playing Peter, on whom Peter Pan was based. The hollow-eyed rage he showed when he was yelling at JM Barrie was exceptionally well acted in one so young. He’s playing Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Woo.

Was ambushed by how emotional the ending was. Cried a contact lense out. No pent up emotional issues lurking there for me. Hah.

Sin City surfaces. Looks interesting. That Yellow Bastard ruled my tiny teenage world for a while. A couple of friends bought me it for my birthday. All credit to them. They were slightly disturbed at the content of large-breasted lapdancers and paedophilia. It had been on my list for a while- Fantastic b+w line art, hardboiled storyline. When the spot colour yellow hits, it’s a shocker. Never mind who’s the yellow bastard and what he’s done. I do hope it serves all the Miller works well- He’s involved along with director Robert Rodriguez- so fingers crossed.
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Sodium Partay

This is so damn cool: Sodium Party

Now if I could just get my hands on some cesium…
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php convert

I’m converting to PHP people. For ease of editing my sparsely populated calendar. You may need to update any links if they’ve html in ’em.


Okay. So that didn’t work. Test blogs work fine with PHP, but nopokemeo does not like working under it. I have no clue as to why this is so. Stick with the html I know and love. For now. Anyway.

Yeah. Think new job is the way to go. Boing Boing: Waterstones fires 11 year employee for blogging
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“What do you believe is

“What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?” The World Question Centre 2005

Apologies for the lack of substance recently. Been away, watching disasters unfold, being “festive,” working, feeling tired. Hibernation is the way forward. Friday at last. Sigh. Problem is, when I could do with a few hours extra, my bodyclock rings at the regular just-in-time-to-be-late-for-work setting. I wake early, listen to the radio, then feel knackered just before midday. Not good.

Celebrity Big Brother v3. Car crash television at its best. Brigitte Nielsen, Bez and Germaine Greer all in one small enclosed environment. Best thing since I’m a Celebrity… I am obviously feeling hormonal as there is no other rational explanation to weeping when taking in Steel Magnolias. Oh the shame. Reality tv viewing has no such excuse

Ha ha. Greer belittling the Blazin’ Squad member for his sagging trousers. Under-fuckin’wear.

Considering creating a blog to rant about the company I slave for. Would be on Blogger for personal safety. Mind you, nothing on there will be untrue. Just the cold, bare facts. I’m undecided. Perhaps better would be to actually. get. a. new. job.
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