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Free online piss taking

Spam muthercanuckers. I don’t play poker in reality, so unsuprisingly I don’t induldge in my online travels. 73 comments. Thank the lord, or more properly, Jay Allen for the Blacklist. Sigh.
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we can make sandwiches

My brain informed me last night that Owen would like me to make him sandwiches. One cheese sandwich. One rice sandwich. I told him having a rice sandwich was quite odd and stupid- “It will be all soggy. It won’t taste of anything anyway.” I was the one who ate frozen fish fingers I was told with a wry grin. So I made Owen one cheese, one rice. He stood next to me at the chopping board as I studiously avoided his gaze. So coy. So works every time.

Far too much Owen leaking out of my head recently. Very wrong. I must be in need of some male affection. Or more likely a kick in the head.
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Popular in certain communities

Huzzah. The weekend was spent selecting, purchasing, transporting and adorning a Christmas tree. Adorning with red and white lights and baubles decorated with the image of Owen. Yes, Owen is our fairy atop the tree too, his cowboy besuited figure surrounded by glow-in-the-dark stars, jewelled hearts and a feather trim. Like a Mexican altarpiece, of course. A celebratory wall of images has been created behind the tree to complete the effect (not stalkerish, oh no) and new decs are being cooked up over the forthcoming week or so.

When purchasing a tree holder to stabilise the tree (failed due to Monky inability to turn screws), I once again proved my unintentional ability to pull gals. The checkout girl (who looked all of 16) got her 12 year-old-looking, skewed looking friend to run after me and stuff her digits into my hand. Flo was her name. Suprised I was to say the least. I was paying, not flirting. Do I set gaydar off easily? If I were gay I think I would treat all these gals the same way the Monky treats drunk, lecherous men. Contempt. Incredulity. Slight unhappiness. Darn it.

I’ve heard that there maybe a worldwide cheese shortage. I must stockpile immediately. Stockpile then eat. Soon. So the cheese will be stockpiled as fat on my bones.

San Francisco Magazine: The Cheese Squeeze
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