Scooby sucks

Happy I may be, but the last couple of days have been unpleasant. Went trawling round agencies to try and land me a job that is a little more rewarding both financially and mentally that the one I put up with at the moment. Depressing. I am a capable individual but all I am ever offered is admin/customer service jobs. I found it hard not to laugh when a consultant offered me a job as a bank cashier. No, I don’t want that thank you. Do that sort of thin already. I am not a lackey. Oops…

It is difficult to progress to any interviews (where I think I would do well) when my cv says shopmonky. It seems I know too much for my own good but I don’t want to get a bad rep because I think i’m “better than” certain jobs. I realise I don’t deserve to walk into anything, I’d just like a chance to prove myself. I think i’m worth more than £5.84/hr and I believe I can do more than just dole out change to people.

So I go to work, and it’s bad. Nothing in particular- just everything. Woke up on the wrong side of the nest. Customers are extra rude, lazy and dumb and i’m tired and very grumpy. And I let everyone know it. Haha. Anyway, the day ends and I walk out the door to my waiting chariot. The sweet end to a bitter day- about 3/4 of the carpark is carpeted with high performance vehicles. I only notice this when I look out and notice there are five Impreza’s parked in a row, one silver grey version stamped with scooby on it’s boot. Hmmm. Co-inky-dink perhaps or invasion? Scanning further into the dark I see it is lit with the blue neon of undercar lighting and the orange glow of cigarettes. Yay! Kev’d automobiles. Small groups of people cluster around the ground-hugging cars; mostly male they poke into engines and play with ICE (In Car Entertainment), motorsport jackets teastained under the sodium floodlights.

Cheered me up. Carwhore I know.

Then off to a careers fair. Accountants galore- When I mention to anyone I’m an art graduate their faces drop. Even if they have jobs on display I could do and do well at. “Sorry, we don’t have anything available for you at the moment. Sign up and we’ll let you know if something becomes available.” Yeah, don’t call us- We’ll call you. I don’t act all greatful and gushy if anyone takes an interest, I’ve done my research and I know I don’t want to sell out or lie. I’ve also got a well-honed BS detector. So, I’ve clearly got an attitude problem when I brush people off. Sigh.

Oh and my b’day countdown is having issues and I cannot work out why, but then I am a Monky, so that’s not exactly suprising.

“Like a freshly-chilled bottle of Stella, the December issue of Fast Ford’s guaranteed to hit the spot.”


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