Got Your Back…

Fiiinally… The Monky is back in cyberspace. Goodness it’s been a while. Few things to announce:

Some posts have disappeared into the ether. This includes the one about nest moving, the erotic qualities of Hellboy and every single image posted. Darn it. This is due to the site going bye byes due to problems not of my making. My site was intermittant, and Urchin vanished, which notified me that something was up, so I decided to email “Support.”

They told me that my account was being moved servers and that it shouldn’t take very long. Nice of them to let me know about this of course, so I felt just a little apprehensive. My site then totally disappeared from the internet. Another email to them. They gave me new account details and said that all my data was stored in a backup folder in my new server account. I looked. Another email.

Where was the folder? I couldn’t find it, and asked whether I was just being very dumb. We’ve been hacked, says they- All your data is lost. Fabulous says I. Also, bullshit.

Thankfully, due to the site bizarreness I’d done an SQL dump of everything at the end of August, so I didn’t lose everything. I will try and restore the post images, but I think the gallery will stay offline for the moment.

So, I’ve moved home, more or less kicked an unpleasant habit of four years and I feel happy. Still working in a very low paid job, and am still very unsure of my future but life ain’t too bad the the moment. Hoorah.

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