I saw bats swooping around my garden, through the trees and skimming the grass. They looked like leaves with will. I got quite over-excited.

I carved me my first sucesssful pumpkin over the weekend. Sucessful as in not a total mess. Scalpels are very handy for the fine details.

Pumpkin Nook
Pumpkin Gutter Pumpkin Carving 101

To no avail can I find me any pictures of the Chagrin Pumpkin Roll. I heard about ths even a year or two ago via late night radio and it sounds great. Students from a small Cleveland town steal pumpkins throughout Autumn from farms and doorsteps. They collect them all up then dump them down Grove Hill, Chagrin before sliding down the pumpkin lubed slope on sledges, bags, dustbin lids and, yes paddling pools.

Police threaten to run the rollers out of town every year due to public order offences and the effect the roll has on students. Makes them tired apparently and this leads to a lack of learning. Well, darn it. No learning for a day? Injuries such as lost teeth, broken limbs and concussions only add to the the fun. Wish I was there.

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