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Moving on

My lease is running out on so the site may disappear for a few days whilst I move hosts…

I will be backing up everything for the move so fingers crossed nopokemeo will emerge unscathed.
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I saw bats swooping around my garden, through the trees and skimming the grass. They looked like leaves with will. I got quite over-excited.

I carved me my first sucesssful pumpkin over the weekend. Sucessful as in not a total mess. Scalpels are very handy for the fine details.

Pumpkin Nook
Pumpkin Gutter Pumpkin Carving 101

To no avail can I find me any pictures of the Chagrin Pumpkin Roll. I heard about ths even a year or two ago via late night radio and it sounds great. Students from a small Cleveland town steal pumpkins throughout Autumn from farms and doorsteps. They collect them all up then dump them down Grove Hill, Chagrin before sliding down the pumpkin lubed slope on sledges, bags, dustbin lids and, yes paddling pools.

Police threaten to run the rollers out of town every year due to public order offences and the effect the roll has on students. Makes them tired apparently and this leads to a lack of learning. Well, darn it. No learning for a day? Injuries such as lost teeth, broken limbs and concussions only add to the the fun. Wish I was there.
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Scooby sucks

Happy I may be, but the last couple of days have been unpleasant. Went trawling round agencies to try and land me a job that is a little more rewarding both financially and mentally that the one I put up with at the moment. Depressing. I am a capable individual but all I am ever offered is admin/customer service jobs. I found it hard not to laugh when a consultant offered me a job as a bank cashier. No, I don’t want that thank you. Do that sort of thin already. I am not a lackey. Oops…

It is difficult to progress to any interviews (where I think I would do well) when my cv says shopmonky. It seems I know too much for my own good but I don’t want to get a bad rep because I think i’m “better than” certain jobs. I realise I don’t deserve to walk into anything, I’d just like a chance to prove myself. I think i’m worth more than £5.84/hr and I believe I can do more than just dole out change to people.

So I go to work, and it’s bad. Nothing in particular- just everything. Woke up on the wrong side of the nest. Customers are extra rude, lazy and dumb and i’m tired and very grumpy. And I let everyone know it. Haha. Anyway, the day ends and I walk out the door to my waiting chariot. The sweet end to a bitter day- about 3/4 of the carpark is carpeted with high performance vehicles. I only notice this when I look out and notice there are five Impreza’s parked in a row, one silver grey version stamped with scooby on it’s boot. Hmmm. Co-inky-dink perhaps or invasion? Scanning further into the dark I see it is lit with the blue neon of undercar lighting and the orange glow of cigarettes. Yay! Kev’d automobiles. Small groups of people cluster around the ground-hugging cars; mostly male they poke into engines and play with ICE (In Car Entertainment), motorsport jackets teastained under the sodium floodlights.

Cheered me up. Carwhore I know.

Then off to a careers fair. Accountants galore- When I mention to anyone I’m an art graduate their faces drop. Even if they have jobs on display I could do and do well at. “Sorry, we don’t have anything available for you at the moment. Sign up and we’ll let you know if something becomes available.” Yeah, don’t call us- We’ll call you. I don’t act all greatful and gushy if anyone takes an interest, I’ve done my research and I know I don’t want to sell out or lie. I’ve also got a well-honed BS detector. So, I’ve clearly got an attitude problem when I brush people off. Sigh.

Oh and my b’day countdown is having issues and I cannot work out why, but then I am a Monky, so that’s not exactly suprising.

“Like a freshly-chilled bottle of Stella, the December issue of Fast Ford’s guaranteed to hit the spot.”


Turbo Nutters featured cars
The MKV Register
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So, as you can see- The lack of updates means life is very dull here in Casa Monky. I dialup and browse every so often but nothing really catches my eye; work sucks, life is boring. I try and finish my CV but it never satisfies- I’m more than capable of doing most anything (except for maths-based careers) but to know this employers would have to talk to me to see that i’m not the shop girl my CV says I am.

I beat myself up about my lack of decent employment and get pissed off with work. Nevertheless I am quite happy. I read books and watch some TV instead of whileing away hours online. I’m ploughing voraciously through the latest Henning Mankell at the moment- Highly enjoyable as usual.

In a perhaps less intellectual way, I recently amused myself for an entire day at work by thinking about the scoundrel that is Han Solo. I would be putting stock out and colleagues would pass me grinning. I sorted customer orders with a smirk. It passed the time well, I can tell you.

Nice holster

All this was due to the previous nights Empire and Jedi viewing (well, morning- til 3am). I hadn’t seen them since they were re-released in ’97, so as you can imagine I was rather excitable, especially after a glass of wine and a half pint of cider. I was tired, honest. My first video was Star Wars recorded off the TV. I still remember the adverts that ran in between. I watched it over and over again, and the tape eventually became warped and stretched from overuse. I have a huge Indy love too, and early Harrison Ford flicks are fantastic, before vanity got in the way. Up until Clear and Present Danger– After that everything started to go downhill.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending how you look upon Ford love, my housemate is an unabashed Ford fan also. So, I waxed lyrical for the length of both films picking out little bits of Solo joy. Yes, I even spluttered when he bent over to fix the hyperdrive in the falcon: “That is a very gratuitous shot. There’s no need for that sort of thing!” (sigh). I know he wears a waistcoat, but it’s the charm, the wit, the bad boy, those trousers, the holster, those hips, that hair, the boots, la la la….

You were named after the dog?
Harrison Ford Media

We also discussed what an Ewok would eat if we were friends with one. I thought they would eat kids food- like spaghetti, alphabet-shaped potatoes, fish fingers etc. My housemate decided upon bananas and yoghurt. Also, I could definitely imagine them licking on of those simple lollypops that you buy in packs at the supermarket and freeze when you get home. Having little blue-stained tongues poking through their mouths when saying “Yub Yub.”
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Just Because…

La Parka

Just because he’s cool.
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Got Your Back…

Fiiinally… The Monky is back in cyberspace. Goodness it’s been a while. Few things to announce:

Some posts have disappeared into the ether. This includes the one about nest moving, the erotic qualities of Hellboy and every single image posted. Darn it. This is due to the site going bye byes due to problems not of my making. My site was intermittant, and Urchin vanished, which notified me that something was up, so I decided to email “Support.”

They told me that my account was being moved servers and that it shouldn’t take very long. Nice of them to let me know about this of course, so I felt just a little apprehensive. My site then totally disappeared from the internet. Another email to them. They gave me new account details and said that all my data was stored in a backup folder in my new server account. I looked. Another email.

Where was the folder? I couldn’t find it, and asked whether I was just being very dumb. We’ve been hacked, says they- All your data is lost. Fabulous says I. Also, bullshit.

Thankfully, due to the site bizarreness I’d done an SQL dump of everything at the end of August, so I didn’t lose everything. I will try and restore the post images, but I think the gallery will stay offline for the moment.

So, I’ve moved home, more or less kicked an unpleasant habit of four years and I feel happy. Still working in a very low paid job, and am still very unsure of my future but life ain’t too bad the the moment. Hoorah.
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